📷 #ColorChallenge - Saturday Indigo

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This is my entry for #colorchallenge Saturday Indigo. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.

On this morning I went out to capture photos of the columbine plant „Aquilegia“.

The columbines belong to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). Columbine species are perennial (usually three to five year old) to persistent herbaceous plants. There are 70 to 75 species mainly distributed in the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere.

Depending on the type and variety, the perennial is between 15 and 90 centimeters high. On a plant are several upright, mostly branched stems together.

20180623_085708 Kopie.jpg

20180623_085828 Kopie.jpg

20180623_085718 Kopie.jpg

Original content by @elevator09. I took these photos with my Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Petals of flower look dry which captures very nicely.

thank you so much

good job .. for more creative work
Fantastic important information from you, did well
Thanks for sharing‏..

thank you very much

love the vibrant purple of the flower

glad you love it

The great color as ever

thank you very much

This is an interesting story!


Awesome clarity bro. Pics are crisp ! Can you please let us know the uses of these flowers if any. Or is it just a show flower?

Many thanks! I will try If I know the flower, thanks you for your feedback

All pictures are beautiful columbine plant 😍😍

i think this color changing symptom is in galaxy j6 as well.

Sure your photos are fantastic

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Those are terrific pictures. But, the color of the flower is purple, not indigo (which is a dark blue – think of the blue of the night sky above the last rays o the sunset.)

this purple flower is liked by my daughter very much.

Nice shot, beautiful flowers.

thank you very much

Başarılarının devamını dilerim

A gud nd amazing photography share to ur blog

Natural beauty brings a class in most of the things , but if the pic is taken with such class, the outcome is something fascinating like this post.

thank you very much

very well information good to know about this beauty of nature

Wow... This is beautiful..

This colour plant is mazing am so in love with this plant

glad you enjoy it


thank you :)

iam very much impressed by your genius selection for the color challenge contest dude. lovely image. the indigo orchid flower looks very eergetic nad heart touching. good phtography @elevator09

yes why wouldnt i? indeed everyone would like this awesome picture. it is so refreshing and energetic. day making image

thank you so much

I love ibrant green colour but green is greenerIMG_20180425_120010138.jpg

You have the best decision of clour. Stunning photography

Many thanks!

How you make this type of gif this look like amazing good look.

thank you very much

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Have a lovely day.

thanks you, too

awesome smarphone click

very effective photo.

Great photo! I love how you captured all the different color. Keep it up!
Really nice post from you
Thanks for sharing..
as a photographer it helpful for me

Thanks for the kind words

Good job...
I like this picture because very natural and This flower is very rare which can be found only in certain areas.

The more pictures🌉 you see, the better you are as a photographer 🎥.

thanks for the kind words!

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Great! the second photo is the best

Thank you very much

You have the best choice of clour. Amazing photography. Thanks for sharing.

thank you very much. thanks for stopping by

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One of the sweetest flowers is Columbine. I like this color most

One of the sweetest
Flowers is Columbine. I
Like this color most

                 - garciadeborahss

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

thank you!

This is lovely

thank you very much

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