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Dear Steemians!

The forest strawberry (Fragaria vesca), also called month strawberries is a species of the genus of strawberries within the family of the rose family. Wild strawberry has long served humans as food. It reaches stature heights of usually 5 to 25 centimeters and is thus less in growth than the garden strawberry. The flowers appear in the months of April to June

This is my entry for #colorchallenge Monday Red. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.

20180618_095543 Kopie.jpg

20180618_095921 Kopie.jpg

20180618_095853 Kopie.jpg

Original content by @elevator09. I captured these photos with my Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Wow the first time I know something about this fruit
Nice, thanks for this information
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..


I like this froit

I love strawberries.

lovely photos

Very awesome, I haven't seen wild strawberries before

Glad you enjoy it. There are many out here

That looks delicious! ;) Great photo.

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Yeah i learned from it and started writing good posts, just check them out 👍

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yup i was thinking the same....:)

Wow! Beautiful photography 🤗
Thanks @elevator for sharing this post.
Updated and resteemed

Thanks for stopping by and your support!

You're welcome

@elevator09 are you a professional photographer. Your pics do not need any caption seriously, mind blowing

thank you so much for the kind words

really all pictures are very beautifully captured. i loved it. good to see you in future.

glad you like it

Nice click friend ... On an average there will be 200 seeds in it..

thank you very much

you can,t believe
I can,t eat strawberry in my whole life
it is akward but it,s true.

Very good!

@elevator09 From where you got these pics ??

Really looks so nice

Original by me. thank you

Sir strawbarry is a very colarfull tasty and halthy frut

Thanks @elevator09 brother information about strawberry. I have some questions. First one
.Strawberries Per Day? Second question. Growing Winter Strawberries? Third questions. Do Strawberry Plants Need Acidic Soil? Pl s reply

These are wild and sporadic on normal earth. And they dont grow in winter i think

The garden strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria, collectively known as the strawberries. It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. It is consumed in large quantities, either fresh or in such prepared foods as preserves, juice, pies, ice creams, milkshakes, and chocolates. Artificial strawberry flavorings and aromas are also widely used in many products like lip gloss, candy, hand sanitizers, perfume, and many others.download (2).jpg


thanks for participation

Strawberry is one of the favorite fruits of all ages. Red fruit is often used as an accessory on a variety of cakes. Fruit that has a sweet, sour, and sometimes sour taste mix gives a pleasant sensation for the tasting. But there are things you need to know about this most popular berries.

  1. Strawberry is the only fruit whose seeds are outside. On average a strawberry has 200 seeds on the surface of its skin.
  2. Orange is often praised for having high vitamin C content. In fact, strawberries have better ability. Eating 100 grams of strawberries alone, has been able to meet the needs of 98 percent of one's daily intake.

Thanks for adding more value to this post :)

Strawberries is a fruit which usually signifies romance.And the way you captured it , totally justifies that. Its blood red and looks yummy.Great photography.

Noooooooooo it's dessert time why!!! (Now I'm hungry)

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thank you for your support as always
we always love you sir :)

@elevator09 Do you really like ColorChallenge?

And i upvote you, plz upvote back

elevator09, Good Bro , You Are Share Good knowldge Of Fruit, There Colour Is Very Beautiful , What Your Next Post also On Fruit ?

Thank you for the kind words. You can check out my new post

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@elevator09 Mate your pics are just epic . The strawberries pics taken by you are just mouth watering . Keep it up mate

Thank you so much. I will

nice photo keep it up

many thanks! I will keep it up

@elevator09 your photography sence is too good sir🙏
strawberry 🍓 is favourite flavour 🤤💗

thank you very much

It looks delicious. Good luck in the rankings

Delicious strawberries, and when freshly cut more. Greetings

Great photo, beautiful contrast of red and green colors.

Amazing deep color, nice pic!

nice click
can you suggest the best mobile for photography ?

thank you! there are many out there but i like samsung for photos

strawbelly is very good for health. i like it .. where did we get this fruit.?

Yes right. It is growing wild

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Colour is not natural is photo shop use ?

no photoshop or editing

i really like to eat strawberry but after seen this your photograph i am in love with that pic its awesome clear photograph

glad you enjoy it

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it is very beautiful photography!

I began adoring your work amigo. Continue posting increasingly photographs

dios lo majestuoso y belleza de la naturaleza en todo su esplendor , maravillosa las imágenes

so that you get even more upvotes



I have them growing all over my yard can you actually eat them or no? Does anything eat them? They are very pretty!!!

Thats great. Yes you can eat them if they are the right ones

looks like the seeds are bigger than the fruit, and the fruit has to grow into a seed "suit"

I think your friend @elevator09 spectacular publication but I would like to make a beautiful suggestion, so that later you can read more your followers ... Use the justification of the paragraphs to center or align them and see more accommodated content .... From #venezuela supporting your work friend ...

thanks for your feedback

strawberry ..yamiii

Yes very delicious

Very beautiful ...as in charming and enticing
Like something mysterious... But it's something edible in the end .

Vivid and true colours comming out these clicks Superb photography.

thank you! Glad you like it

Do you like strawberries sir? it is very like me?
please follow me sir.

where is your problem with your downvote?

Love it! Nice colors.

I like that you didn’t try and do all red everything and kept it balanced

thank you very much

A red exquisite red.


A exquisite red.

Wow those look so good! Did you at least try any?! haha

thank you. yes of course

You just made my day by posting this

great to hear

thanks for stopping by

todau i learnt something good , thanks bro

gladly :D

Hello! I am new to the world of photography here at steemit and I did not find much information about contests or any form of how to grow as a photographer here at steemit. If you can help me with some advice, I would really appreciate it !!

@elevator09 This is a very beautiful capture. Can you please tell me which camera do you use to capture your photos.

I started loving your work buddy. Keep posting more and more photos :)

Glad you like it. Camera: Samsung galaxy s7

Ohh thats good so you are also using your phone as a camera just like me. Good to know that :)

Sounds great.

Firstly awesome click brother...
I also learning photography...
Please visit my profile and tell me how's it...

Thank you very much

how extraordinary composition of colors, making a segmentation, where each image gives us a different story, beautiful work, thank you for exposing it.

Thanks for your kind words

@elevator09 first time i heared about strawbarry.you take very amaging photos.
Thanks..keep sharing.

thanks for stopping by

Very nice image supplemented by the relevant info. # Thanks #

many thanks

Really nice pictures .you took pictures or uploaded from somewhere else

of course I took them thats why I wrote original content under them

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I discovered the colorchallenge through your profile. Thanks :)
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Is this fruit is tasty also

Excellent color challenge!!!! new information from you brother.... keep posting similar ones.... like to see something interesting and something knowledgeable...

glad you enjoy my post!

@elevator09 wow it's wonderful fruit, I seen this fruit first time but it's looking like strawberry

You just nailed it ,your post have nice content .
Thanks for sharing your post with us. I just had followed and upvote on post. Sharing is caring

@ elevator09 fruite is powerfull surce of body thanks for great full post

Thanks for the visit

The strawberry look fresh! Monday is the start of the weekdays and the red color gives power to start.

These are awesome photos! Smartphone cameras are getting better and better! :) I haven't ever tasted a wild strawberry before.

True words and this is great to see. Hope you can try them soon

Yeah that would be awesome. I grow strawberries at my house, the hot weather here in Phoenix makes it difficult, they do grow just really small, but they are tasty. haha we have wild mountain grapes here in the mountains, but I am never around to pick them when they are ripe. And we have what is called a desert strawberry or something like that, but never tried them.

mountain grapes sounds very tasty too

Yes for sure!! lol I think anything mountain is good. Ooh wild blackberries are yummy too! haha

I want to try them sounds tasty

They are! It is always nice to go camping and then find some wild blackberries! lol

Camping is something amazing anyway

it looks very good taste!!

nice pics and looks tasty

This type of fruit is very dilisas whaer is the found it?
Which contry?

Infos about are in the post and i found them in germany

What a strange fruit, I had never seen it! For what you say, and as seen in the photos, it looks delicious !! Did you eat it? What does it taste like?

Glad you like it. it gives them from sour to sweet

Great photo!!

Such an amazing post.
Thanks for your knowledge with us

Gladly, and thanks for the visit