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Take the time to cherish the people that thank you.

Treasure the souls that take the time to look back at you, even if it is not sincere. Take the time to freeze time to see that they are your family as well. Those magical moments will stay with you as a guide, a compass, for the rest of your life.

Make Memories

@AnotherHero & Bots are flagging my comments because I'm Making Memories, because I'm too friendly, talking to too many people, because I'm too sappy like the end of a Full House episode, like Disney films, because I'm complimenting too many girls, telling them they are nice, pretty, creative, cool, telling men they are smart, handsome, comparing them to my life, telling them what I do and have done.

I'm Too friendly? Too popular?

Twenty Years of Spam?

I encourage, educate, equip, entertain, emphasize, many things, many places, for many people, and have been online doing this since 1998, the past twenty years, or much longer, and I've been making Encouragement Articles (EA) since around that time as well, and the EAs were papers, or sometimes like Pokemon Like People Playing Cards, where I gave people stats out of ten, their speed, power, beauty, their animal name, their fruit name, other names, plus poems, songs, general compliments, stories, and I have been making these EA articles, these letters, for thousands of people in different countries offline and thousands of people knew me before I was even on Steemit in the first place.

@AnotherHero is telling people I must be worse than Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, JP Morgan, FRS, CFR, NWO, EU, corporatism, plutocracy, technocracy, and others, so many others, like we are on the same side it seems, right, yeah, me and @AnotherHero are both on the same side and we both believe in smaller government or maybe no government and we like Bitcoin and Steemit and @AnotherHero wants people not to be divided and yet he might be maybe divided as he goes against me but I have wrote the same things he has written over the past twenty years or longer as that is what I do as a veteran musician, writer, filmmaker, global traveler, creator, singer, camp counselor, English Teacher, carpenter, athlete, web designer, and much more, as a jack of all trades of many things as an Original Oatmeal, making the world greener and better one oatmeal at a time.

We both care about the world, right, me and @AnotherHero?

Smile Even As You Are Persecuted

Cherish people who do like you as you will increase in how many enemies you have as you do better upstream in life. That is what I am saying. Stay focused in your life and do your best to share your gifts with others if you want as it is better that way forevermore.

And people will come to you naturally.

Bots Are Flagging My Comments

Like I said, all of my comments are flagged automatically by bots because they say I spam and they define spam as talking to people, as in asking people how they are, telling people they are magical goddesses or magical magicians.

That is spam?

Love Speech is Hate Speech?

@AnotherHero and bots are saying that I must be fake and abusive and spam and maybe like a terrorist because I am too friendly with too many people and that is bad? How many is too many? Who decides?

He hates that I have over 5,000 followers.

@AnotherHero Says He is Your Daddy

Yes, he and others want to tell you what is safe and unsafe just like Facebook Mark Zuckerberg likes to tell you that Diamond & Silk are unsafe and Twitter said Milo was unsafe when Milo gave a simple review of that all-girls-cast Ghostbuster reboot film.

People like @AnotherHero are telling you that YOU are too dumb to make choices yourself on whether or not you want to talk to me or not.

Only He Can Do That For You?

You know if I am spam and abusive, it is not like YOU are SMART ENOUGH to know that? That is what the bots are for. That is the argument. We left Facebook to get away from that because each person wants to make that choice in who they want to interact with or not.

@AnotherHero wants to be your mommy and daddy?


@AnotherHero and bots flag my comments to say that you are too dumb to ignore me. Let the best ideas win. Capitalism and competition, supply and demand, is determined by the market, right, by each individual, right? Some people want to do your work for you. They want to keep you in your safe spaces. That is the argument. That you cannot figure out what is free speech and what is hate speech. They say they get to decide what is terrorism speech and what is not.

They say they must moderate the comments and the content and everything for you.

You Can't Handle The Truth?

Jack Nicholson said that to Tom Cruise in a film that Tom couldn't handle truth. Life is like a box of chocolate, said Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump in a film, as you never know what you are going to get. Shouldn't comments be like a box of chocolate? But we cannot handle the truth that some people are more likable? People can't decide for themselves what they may think is spam or not?

Is there only one definition to what is and is not spam?

What is Spam?

First, how do you define words? Do you define words through a subjective bias filter worldview or through something more objective through maybe @Stefan.Molyneux philosophy or religion or reason, logic, evidence, or something else? #

Basically, spam is whatever somebody may not like.

Different people like different things. This means people have different opinions, different definitions of spam as people define their world differently.

What is spam for me may not be spam for you and what is spam for you may not be spam for me.

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2018-04-13 Friday 12:30 AM LMS: CC BF Shirt
Published at 01:20 AM
Email: [email protected]

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Joey I truly hope we can become friends, because it would be an honor to be friends with you. Sometimes it's hard to know who someone truly is on the internet and so I made the wrong assumptions. I hope you can forgive me for thinking you were maliciously spamming.

I now realize you were not maliciously spamming, and I also realize you are providing a great service to our community which I hope you continue to do. I hope my actions have not brought you too much grief, and I hope you can forgive me.

I have followed you and I look forward to seeing the inspiring posts you make, just like this one. You are such a positive person and you perservere even when other people are being jerks, and that is so awesome man, so few people can take criticism and still be nice anyway, and that is exactly what you did.

You are an inspiration and I could learn a thing or two from you, man. I hope you will accept my friendship, but no pressure. We do see eye to eye on a lot of issues, and I feel like an idiot for ever doubting you.

Lots of love man, that's all I have for you.

Takes guts to apologize, like this.

Your name makes me think about Moby Dick and then my favorite Star Trek Next Generation captain Picard who talked about Dick which he had a lot of as a pretty Not-Girly man. Like Negan says, it takes a lot of balls. Speaking of balls, I love basketball. That is funny. And good to the last drop.

@AnotherHero, I am very busy, I try to write as many comments to as many people as I can because I want them to have their own gardens and I want people to learn how to be more independent and to become citizen journalists and many other things and I include links and videos in my posts to help push people to places they may never go otherwise and this is a funneling system and the bots were attacking me and may return sometimes or at times or randomly but I believe strongly in finding creative ways to pass it on and I know so much and have made thousands of videos and have written so much for over twenty years and we all have opportunities in making the world better in stopping maybe the fourth world war between Russia and America and maybe we can help cryptocurrencies rise and help with natural remedies and help blockchain technology and so many things in helping people make their own choices and I am so busy with so many projects I am juggling in my life and I want people to know me before I am dead and life is full of so many variables and I feel deep state or others want me dead and I feel my time is limited and I just am tired of waiting and that is why I want more followers as I want to use the influence to spread things you spread and more and that is what I am passionate about and I have been passionate about for years and I upvoted your post and I do my best to help as many people I can even if some may call it spam or fake or whatever and I do it all for many reasons as I said already as life is short as I am trying to let people know many things and I know there is so much rejection by many people as many can ignore comments which means you can spend five hours writing a great comment like this one that can be ignored and that can produce no money and that is a bad idea as well and life is complex and we got to be smart if we want to make differences in the world.

2013 Me 04.jpg

Well I want to know you, that's for sure. And your stories and perspectives fascinate me. Your involvement on steemit is literally a catalyst for transformation. You are helping it evolve just by being here, not to mention you make a lot of valid points other people might not.

In fact, if you're not opposed to it, I think it would be cool to collaborate on something educational or perhaps some music or something. I know you're super busy, I personally have a lot of free time right now because I am in between jobs (I guess you're permanently in-between jobs when you are a music producer for a living haha!)

I am upvoting your posts too, and I hope to make it up to you for any grief I may have caused.

Yes, we can collaborate, like Alex Jones of Infowars says, I let people share any of my things, files, stuff, data, photos, GIFs, memes, ideas, videos, what I write, links, etc., without asking, anywhere, anytime, for anything, I guess, why not I say.

And beyond that, maybe there is more we can do than just that. But that is a start at least. And I was attacked a few times around July 2017 on Steemit for example. That was kind of hard to deal with. But this week, I made it on that spam list which was interesting to see that people seem to say I am spam or something. I am still contemplating what to do or not do in regards to getting flagged by bots, people. That was happening and may continue to happen. All my comments and posts were being flagged by bots. Maybe not by your bots if you have bots. But I think maybe other bots from other people, etc.

Walking Dead Zombie Bots?

It is kind of like The Walking Dead situation, meaning that bots are like zombies. You kill one zombie, I mean Walker haha, but then there is another zombie. Then you kill that zombie, but then there is a big herd or group of zombies. They keep coming like that night Carl got shot in the eye and the guys went out and killed a bunch of zombies like a Rambo Zombie movie haha. But the zombies keep coming. Same thing with bots maybe. You stop a bot but then new bots come up. And beyond that, then you run into Negan and others. And then Carl, spoiler alert haha, talks about peace and stuff. There is a lot to think about.

2013 Me 06.jpg

Muy bueno, @joeyarnoldvn. very good.

Laura, thanks. Muy bueno. Gracias. Have good day.

Those magical moments will stay with you as a guide, a compass, for the rest of your life. Love the message :)

Splendor, you are magical too. Happy to see you. You are delightful. A compass is so key in life as people lose their touch in objectivity, in purpose, in meaning.

Interesting. Good luck to Snap. Used it a few times. Good luck to ads.

Interesting. Good luck spamming. Used it a few times & got flagged. Good luck to being a fuckhead.

Haha, thanks for the Pep Talk haha.

Reminds me of this @joeyarnoldvn 😊
Wishing you a great day my friend

Funny spam bit. Love Monty Python. Just a flesh wound.

Brilliant. Looks like it's time for the "holy hand grenade" too 😊

Reminds me of the Worms game which had a Holy Hand Grenade that would sing "Hallelujah" as the grenade went off. Very fun times when I first played it at the house of Bill Bailey in North Plains, Oregon, USA, at his grandma's farm, when I was 13 years old in 1998 or was it after that? Around that time.

I just went through all the posts I could find of my bot auto-flagging your posts and I have gotten rid of almost all of them :-) So no more spam-flags from me my friend.

As I said on Facebook, I like video games and that link you have to the people that make custom Game Boy devices is great where it can play all kinds of classic Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari, games, and maybe even PC games and others too. My only brother loves 2D games more than 3D games and I hope he can look at it. My brother lives in Oklahoma and I hope he joins Steemit someday.

dear @joey.. its a great post... keep going i am with you..

@Sanjoy22, please tell me if this comment is marked as spam or not? I've been too friendly according to some people maybe. They say it is bad and evil and against rules to talk to people in simple conversations like what I do maybe. Bots have been flagging my comments automatically as some people are trying to destroy me it seems for many days now. Love your name as I love Joy. This comment is not spam even if other people and bots say this is spam or you decide haha. But maybe you are next. Maybe the bots will attack you next? This reminds me of that Terminator film haha. It also reminds me or Transformer because there is more than mets the eye.

I love this what you write:Those magical moments will stay with you as a guide, a compass, for the rest of your life.

Agreed, a Golden Compass, that compass in Pirates of the Caribbean.