ColorChallenge - MondayRed - Chili peppers

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Dear Steemies! Today is red, MondayRed!

Color your life and STEEM on!


I invite you all to this permanent challenge! Color your day with your own photo or artwork, relating the color of the current day. We have 7 chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow has 7 colors. A week is equal to 7 days. Days are colors.


What to do?

Resteem and upvote this post (if you want).
Post something (photo, artwork) with the color of the day.
The photos must be original content!
Don't forget to title and tag your post: #ColorChallenge (first tag!)
and tag the color day as well.
Repeat it 7 times or more, with the 7 colors.

Feel free to use my daily colorchallenge banners:



Yummy-yummy, I love strawberries!

Hey @kalemandra, nice to see you again :)

Just to be sure, is it okay to send in digital artworks, like i done with me newest colorchallenge post?

Have a great day ;)

Of course, digital works are also welcome, if they are original!

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I love chili peppers!!! Awesome red!

Took part in this challenge, it was great fun. Need to prepare posts for more. Great photo. Didnt realize chilis can look like flower.

Beautifull photo💙💙

Thank you for reminding us. very nice of you

Hello my dear)))) Beautiful picture))) I've never seen how growing such a pepper))))

Now you see it! :)))

Thank you. I got some juicy strawberries for the #mondayred :)

Nice color of chili peppers..upvoted and resteemed...a rambutan for my Monday red challenge