#SundayPurple #ColorChallenge "Purple OG💐" By @koffee 😊

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Colorchallenge #1086

  • Today on Sunday Purple, I present to you an exquisite strain of cannabis, known as the PURPLE OG. This nug is not for the faint of hearts, it produces a powerful narcotic effect with true sedation and analgesic properties.

  • Crisp and Crystally
  • Sticky and Dense
  • Purple and Green


So smoking this PURPLE OG gets you happy and relaxed.

The perfect way to spend you Sunday evening :)

Feeling a bit stressed out?

  • Check out the medical benefits below!

  • Wow well would you look at that, it relieves STRESS.

Most important be sure to have you drink at hand.

These are the NEGATIVES?

So there you have it boyz, my sunday purple entry ^_^

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