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in #colorchallenge4 years ago (edited)

For some reason tonight after stumbling on @kalemandra's post on her #colorchallenge. I felt ultra-inspired to join her photo challenge. Usually, it’s precisely the opposite, and I find myself struggling to find inspiration.
Maybe it could be the fact that the steemians are so creative, supportive & encouraging.
Or it could be the fact that I’ve read so many informative and beautiful blogs, and realized that I want exactly that for my blog!
So here is my Photo of the Day for #WednesdayYellow

It's almost midnight here in Philadelphia, so it's a race against time.
Taken in Venice Italy a few years ago, a picture of me in front of a yellow house in Burano Island.



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You chose a very inspired picture, perfect for the challenge. Congratulation!

Thank you! It was the brightest yellow in my photo collection.

Yes, for sure!

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