Colorchallenge Monday Red: Red Rose Nope Its Pink

in #colorchallenge4 years ago

I took this Photo a week ago when I was coming back to home from university.I saw this beautiful rose in front of my department so I instantly took its photo to share on steemit.I just made some colour editing.

That makes it look great.I hope you guys will like it :)

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Super pretty rose... such a vibrant color. Upvoted and followed - please feel free to check out my blog. I think you'll like it, I post about affirmations/my daily life/and travels.

Thanks..... Let me see your profile :)

Very nice photo, I like this.

I am into photography and enjoy natural photos, scenery, etc. Did you use any filters on this one? The background really makes the rose pop, good contrast.

Thanks for sharing, cheers.

Thanks, I also love taking photos but I do not have good camera yet I hope steemit will help one day. and I did not use any filter I just changed the colour scheme and did nothing more :)

Waw beautiful flowers

Thanks for you compliment :)

Beautiful pink, the red color looks a lot like a bra that I have and would like to share. I hope that red colo brings back memories.

very pretty pink