TRAVEL HINT! Color Challenge Sunday - Purple me!

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This is a photo taken many years ago, when I went snowboarding in Poiana Brasov. I always loved the pink shades from this photo and I'm happy now to include it in #colorchallenge Steemit area.
I'll take this chance, also, to make a brief presentation of this place, because it's amazing and I recommend everyone to visit it!

  • Poiana Brasov is the most famous resort for winter sports in Romania and also an important international tourist center. It has 9 ski slopes with varying degrees of difficulty, sport areas, a lake, night clubs, bars and restaurants. Accommodation is mostly provided in luxury hotels, hostels, villas or cottages. The pure air here, dust-free and, relatively low atmospheric pressure, and intense ionization are the natural factors that recommend the resort for the treatment of asthenic neurosis, for exhaustion and physical and intellectual overuse, for secondary anemia and endocrine diseases for diseases of the respiratory system. The resort is near Postavaru mounthain, at an altitude of 1030 m, the average temperature is 20° C in summer and 3° C in winter. Snow falls from mid December until end of March; the thickness of the snow layer is on average 50-60 cm. The first snowflakes are about to end in September and last about late in April.


Come visit Romania, we have fresh air!



I sure would love to visit Romania some time! Maybe not in the winter though :P

Amazing shot thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Many Years Ago Beauty But Still in the Picture

Muy linda imagen....

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Snowboarding is nice.. Would be nice to visit Romania sometimes...
Please check out my #colorchallenge purple picture.. and resteem it!!