ColorChallenge - Yellow Wednesday: #3

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

Dear Steemians contributing to the ColorChallenge

I 've just joined the fun on the ColorChallenge initiated by @kalemandra and it's really great. Today's theme is YellowWednesday as you can see from my yellow contributions below:




These pictures are originals and were captured using a Panasonic DMC-G3 camera. They do not contain any editing. The flowers grow around my residence in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea where I live and work.

I will try to upload a post each day with quality and adorable pictures on the theme of the day and hope people who see them will like them. And while it would be nice to get votes, as long as people like what they see will be equally satisfying to me!

Thank you for visiting! If you like these pictures and want to see more, kindly UPVOTE & RESTEEMGreen tick.PNG this post, leave a comment and FOLLOW me for more uploads in this contest.