Color Challenge: Saterday - Indigo, old pictures.

in #colorchallenge3 years ago (edited)

Having a hard time with the color indigo.
I'm getting back to a picture i took in the harbour from Antwerp some years ago, Belgium, standing amidst a sanddisposal, with containerdocks on the horizon.

Since i joined the challenge this week, i 'd like to finish it,
Cap0146a bmp
with this picture, one evening from a tree.

On to purple!


Indigo is tough. I looked it up for a sample and what I find is too blue or too purple.

I think you got it though!

Also had to look it up nananini, huge fan of the Mood Indigo song by Duke Ellington, but it wasn't really the Indigo color i had in mind listening to this music all these years. Was actually thinking about Burgundy red with a hint of blue. :)

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