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Hello everyone !

Today is the Yellow Wednesday.
I show you these yellow Gazania Rigens
By @oidac

It is a sort species of flowering plants native of Africa of the South and of Mozambique belonging to the family of Asteraceae.
It exists in several colors or bi-color.
By @oidac

Very cultivated in gardens, it is adapted well to the Mediterranean climate. The generic name of the plant is dedicated to Théodore of Gaza ( 1398-1478 ), who translated into Latin the botanical works of Théophraste, drafted in Greek.
By @oidac

It's my contribution to this Wednesday Yellow #colorchallenge. This is my contest for @kalemendra.

See you later!


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also love photography because photography is a name of art name of practice try to make something new something beautiful something different I like it because his relation to nature

Thank you @fatima1212. Actually, it can be a good definition of photography.