Colorchallenge Thursday Green : Dandelion ~ Time to Make A Wish.

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Make A Wish

Did you know that it's a known fact that no one knows for sure how making wishes on dandelions came about except that every piece of a dandelion has found a use from eating them to folklore and superstitions.

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You did not take photo you make it !!
Really looking beautifull and eyes catching photo

it is lovely good luck.

Nice photo :)

Very Beautiful photography...Thanks for your sharing to us, success always for you @ozhiya

Aww @abialfatih, thank you for your lovely compliments!

Beautiful color, very good my friend..

if the story is mostly true friends, but if the superstition is a lie comrade. I upvote and resteem yes.

I was touched to read your friend's post, I do not know what to say, obviously I like it very much

Wow incredible photography

Nice one. Really enjoy these dandelions. Fun to shoot.

Very beautiful, have a nice day

Learned something new! Great share!! @ozhiya

a good post with a very precise explanation.
if you are willing, please help me.

wow, very nice friends, i like it a lot.

@ozhiya success always for you best friends do not forget with @mimam

Nice shot. Pretty Bokeh!

Wow fantastic photography
Upvote Resteem

I am anyway gonna make a wish....
Wish to become a millionaire

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