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in #colorchallenge3 years ago

Sometimes I wonder where else could I post my photos if there was no Steemit?!? ...
Silly thoughts.

Just another old photo taken in 2008 with Olympus Mju mini Digital 4,0 MP.
Reminds me of some oil painting.


Thanks for your time! ☺


A very beautiful photo @realmeandi I think we all have those thoughts at times but steemit gives us so much back for our efforts and we are rewarded in many ways......not just for the financial assistance. It is a place of growth and personal development I believe.

Thank you very much @trudeehunter.
I love Steemit; it's the only "social" media I still use.
It's different and unique.

You’re very welcome @realmeandi I share your sentiments. 🌺

Awesome work, I like its color...

Thank you!

If there was no Steemit I wouldn't be posting my photographs at all @realmeandi.

I love the glittery effect of the water in this one. 😊

Me neither @gillianpearce! :-D
And thank you for your comment. ☺

still in instagramme, facebook, vkontakte and other sites. Another question is where else would you put the photo and you were rewarded for this photo. Steem is a good helper if you have financial difficulties! the main thing is to try, and make high-quality posts, and luck will smile to you. like me, thanks to Steemit my blog is supported by one good person. I will be grateful to him all my life!
And many other users who browse my blog, and support me, even if these are just words, for me they are not just words. Good words in gold !!!(pc, good photo, I would like to swim in this boat)

Thanks @andrianna.
I know I could use all those media but there is nothing like Steemit! ;) ;) ;)

agree! I spend a lot of time on Steemit :) because I like it, you can say now that Steemit is part of my life. I can not even imagine what I will do, if God forbid, Steemit will be closed. I think then I will have depression! I hope this will not happen and Steemit will always prosper :)

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