At a beautiful afternoon, a little bit of the edge of the Padma river: :::::

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

It was a beautiful village scene, sitting one afternoon in the afternoon, I saw some fishing fishermen holding them some fish from the river, Ami asked, what are you holding, they said, fish, they told them it When I was caught, I asked them about the matter, I realized that those who catch fish, they wake up early in the morning, their boat, and after going fishing all day, after the fishing, in the afternoon They said the fish sold in the market, some income, and some of the money he rice, pulses, vegetable, cook and eat at home to fall asleep, again, a morning ,,,,

We are very helpless in the world, maybe on some days in today's digital era, some have been digitized, but for those who do not get a stomach once in a day on their stomach, this digital thing is worthless,

We might have been digital, but after being digital, we have a lot of time value, nobody has time, there is no time to talk to each other, friends do not have time to chat with friends, whole mess, Facebook, whatsapp, massenzer, imo ,,,,, just hang out here
So we promise today, taking time aside from our precious time, at that time, our family, parents, mother, brothers, sisters, close friends, with them physically, make our mind a little better ,,, Who agreed with me today????

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