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Hello Steemians!
Hope you are having a great weekend. Saturday is the day for Indigo in the #colorchallenge hosted by @kalemandra. Here's my entry

The picture was taken near Todres Gorge, Morocco where we visiting a souk. While the rest of my group was busy carpet shopping, I went out and saw our friendly assistant taking a break. He was happy to pose for me.

Thank You


nice pic swati..

Thank you.

fascinating photo portrait , @swati-s :)

Hey! Thanks Neha. What a coincidence. I was writing a lengthy comment on your post while you were posting a comment here :) Telepathy. Universe was conspiring for us to connect again :) Was away for.sometime with the toddler getting demanding by the day.

This is called synchronicity :)

Perhaps Universe conspires to make us meet some day, Swati. :)

How "big" is your "little toddler" ? :) Much love to you both :) :)

Meet we will! He is 10 months now. I was wondering when should we start with swimming classes for him. It's a life skill after all. I am told one year olds can start? :)

Swimming learning has 3 major segments.-
Aqua orientation,
Basic Swimming learning.
Technique Improvement and Strengthening.

Toddlers and babies need to first be oriented into water. As they participate in tailored aqua orientation programs, they learn to stay afloat. This is called swimming in babies.
The actual swimming strokes are taught when the limbs become a little stronger and the mind is receptive to instructions.

Your baby can start of with orientation modules in 10 to 12 months age also. But these are very customised programs. And they must be good. Till 3 years of age, the mother must be in the water with the baby as the baby only trusts his mother.

If no good orientation programs are running, then expose him to water at home, yourself. And enrol him into formal training at around age 4. This is ideal and removes stress from the learning process. Because if the child develops fear by being forced, he will say NO !

I have dealt with many cases that went awry because of forced and misinformed learning . Take the process step by step. And your baby will learn beautifully :)

Thank you so much for taking out time and posting this in detail. I am ever so thankful!☺️ You are a star!

He loves his tub so far. Has never cried and seeming loves playing in water so hopefully the future looks good!

Of course :) We are "paharis" , @swati-s ;).
Highlander genetics overcome all demons ! :D :D :D
You son will learn well.
It is my pleasure. I am happy to be of help to you.
Children must never suffer .

If your baby is happy in water, encourage him to splash water on his face and enjoy the feel of water on his face. :)

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