It seems like your grandma's garden is a bit of magical place and I am sure every story she tells you were magical also. :)

Gorgeous flower and words inside. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Thank you @awakentolife!:) It's good to see you here

Just look around to see beauty...and if you can see are already It .)

❤ 🌻

Awesome, i love the brown-green-orange color blend!

Thank you @sandstrider. I love this picture a lot 🌻

This is so True. There is incredible and awesome beauty all around us all the time and we usually don't even notice. Upvoted and Followed.

Thank you @offgridlife!

Cheers to this newly formed friendship :)

Always respected flowers while growing up.
My grandfather used to tell them poems and sing to them!

Grandparents always have their way with stories @pricadrian98