Color Challenge: Wednesday Yellow Lillies from My Mom's Garden Again

in #colorchallenge4 years ago

Hello everybody! Yesterday I took a shot of yellow lillies in my mom's garden. I love them! My mom is a biologist and she knows how to grow perfect flowers. Do you like these ones?

The photo is taken at my Huawei Honor 5C smartphone.

Hope you like this shot.



My mom also loves flowers :D

I really liked your flowers)) They are beautiful))

How beautiful, a good way to start my day 😊

many thanks, dear

Beautiful :). I'm new in this, how can I know more about this challenge?

Each day has one definite color. Monday-red, Tuesday-orange, Wednesday-yellow, Thursday-green, Friday-blue, Saturday-dark blue, Sunday-purple. You choose a picture of your own with definite color in it and make tag colorchallenge. that's it

Awesome, thanks you! Sounds fun :)

Oh I so love the garden and the photos and the colors and the feelings. Thanks for sharing @victoriart. Following you.

Perhaps you would like to bring your talents to the Collaborative Art Journey. Here is your invitation:

many thanks:)

I like how you framed the flower buds in the top right foreground. The buds disrupt the photo in as good way.

oh, thank you, dear

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