ColorContest - Rules: please read them carefully! - Week 1: Red car

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Dear Steemies,
the awaited #ColorContest has now been announced! This is different from #colorchallenge, because it's a weekly contest with rewards. Don't worry, #colorchallenge is going on, but remains a just-for-fun challenge!

The concept is: one color and one theme in a week!

Many children dream of a beautiful red car! Then they grow up and forget their dream. Or not? Look around, and find a red car! It can be modern or oldtimer, dingy or glittering, existing or fantasy-car! Take photos, draw or paint digitally or by hand! Only limit is your fantasy! I expect one job per person/category!

(Source: Flickr)

(Source: Flickr)

(Source: Flickr)

(Source: Flickr)


Two categories: photography and art
One entry/category
Photo can be digitally enhanced and art can also be digital.
You must proof the originality! For example, if you take a photo, you must post a second photo at the same place, showing your steemit-name in your hand - it can be a piece of paper. If you create a painting, take a selfie with the picture or post a step-by step process. If you'd rather create digital art, take a selfie with your work on the screen or take screenshots of the process and post them.
No memes and NSFW!
Write an explanation of your work, 50-100 words!
Use these tags: #colorcontest, #redcar
Include category: #photography, #art
Put the link of your entry in a comment bellow!
Deadline: This post's payout.

Rewards (both categories):

The authors of the best 2 posts (one photography and one art post) will get my 100% upvotes with SteemDunk upvoter engine - at most 15 posts after 15 July (one per day, in a two-week term).

I have 0.65 USD voting value with 98% voting power now. That means you may get cca. 10 USD in upvotes if you win!



Very interesting new competition! I'll try to take part in it!

Yes! its also my child dream of a beautiful red car because Car is look like a red rose. i was forget but today i see your article so that's so nice so now do you have red car ??

No, i don't have any car and cannot drive. But i love oldtimers!

Thank you @kalemandra for yours challenges.
They are excellent ideas to revitalize the platform and show wonders of whole world. All the best.

Thanks for the challenge! I'm guessing you like red cars haha

Nice contest to intiate. I will be also participating soon.

Red cars are very sexy. Unfortunately in Thailand they are considered unlucky cos the evoke the idea of blood and accidents. :(

I'll be watching out and blocking red cars along the street then have selfie with them! Hahaha!

Kidding aside, this is one very good way to encourage participation on Steemit. Thank you for the initiative and creative ideas!

I'm back on steemit to found ot this !! Totally in, I'll be paying attention on the cars in the street haha thanks for the contest :)

You are welcome!

hahaha the hunt for the red car is on.. this is gonna be fun! hope to find one..

@pardinus veja se te interessa :)

Muito obrigado @vansampaio! Interessa pois! ;)

ColorContest - Rules: please read them carefully! - Week 1: Red car
hello, I made my presentation thinking of my grandson, I hope you like it.

![carro I.jpg]


Yeay nice challenge.. but I guess this will be hard.

Not so hard :) But proof of originality is important!

Cool new contest @kalemandra. I resteemed it out 😀 I'll try and enter this but will keep the cost test in mind in the future too. Great intitiative!

this is my ticket for this round i hope you like this ferrari car drawing i made with red pencils measures 1 mtr x 70 cms

This is my ticket for the first week of ColorContest!
I Resteemed your post @kalemandra

Régebbi fotóval hogyan tudok részt venni? Néhány hete Demjénben voltam barátokkal, és a voltunk egy veterán autós találkozón is. Fényképeztem néhány oldtimert és van köztük néhány piros is, bár nehéz a választás, mert mindegyik tetszik. Ilyen esetben, hogy tudom igazolni, hogy én készítettem a fotót?

Úgy veszel részt, hogy beveszlek a fehérlistámba :) Így nem kell bizonyíték

Köszönöm. Kiválasztom, amelyik a legjobban tetszik.

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Hello everyone, I'm excited to present my art! Thank you for this opportunity, here's my ticket

@kalemandra How unfortunate I heard about your contest today and at this hour. I can not participate I hope the next if you do.

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