Colour Challenge: Monday Red

It's rather rainy and grey and wet and windy in my part on England at the moment, so unfortunately nothing looks very colourful.

We went to the wedding of two of our friends this weekend just gone; and I thought I was sure to get some good shots of some beautiful red flowers, or a seaside cottage pained red. No such luck. The wedding was held at a castle by the sea just outside Bristol on the south west coast, which was very beautiful.

As we were so close to Bristol, we decided to spend the following day there, and see some of the Bristol Harbour Festival. This is the most red thing I found - and it's pink. But pink is pale red, so I say it counts.

pink house.jpg

It's a joyfully painted restaurant next to the Bristol Old Vic Theater. The picture was taken from outside the The Famous Royal Navel Volunteer craft beer pub. Definitely worth a visit!

Hope you enjoy!


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Such dazzling decor. Love all the flowers that soften the geometry. And there ARE lots of little splashes of red there.

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