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This is hot air balloon that we took a ride in last year. It was a surprise birthday present from my husband, and is the most lovely and thoughtful gift I have ever received. I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride.


We went over Belton House just outside Grantham in Lincolnshire, and has pretty much perfect weather. Sunny, clear skies, light breeze; glorious. The views were stunning, and we were all given champagne afterwards.

I love being up high, and was peering out over the basket. My husband; not so much. The fact that he wasn’t entirely comfortable at about 3000 feet in the air in a wicker basket being held up by what is essentially a large upside-down silk bag and an oversized camping stove, made it even more impressive.

Hope you enjoy!


Awesome photo! Need to take one too

Thanks, I'd recommend a hot air balloon ride to anyone who's not afraid of heights!

Wow, so cool. So nice to connect with people from so far away! @massive-pop

Thank you :) We steemians are lucky to have such a great community!

Really great post and I understand u liked it cause the pics are amazing😊 @massive-pop

Thank you! We were really lucky that the wind blew the balloon in a good direction. If it had been blowing the other way it would have been a bird's eye view of the A1 highway :)

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