Colour Challenge - TuesdayOrange

Logo Redesign!

PegasusPhysics Logo Design Version3 steemit thumbnail sized

Well, sort of. I originally had this vision in my head to make the wings mimic a Flamenco pose, wound up with this instead. It doesn't look like much at smaller sizes, so it's not an actual replacement for my logo, but I still dig it so I'll rock it until I simplify it. I'll probably revisit that Flamenco pose idea at some point too.

Anyway, I actually wasn't planning to put any orange in it, but it worked well with the purple... almost demanded to be there. So I decided I should post it for the orange Colour Challenge instead of purple. Also, first time joining in this colour challenge thing. Maybe I'll do some landscapes or something in the future. ^_^


I seem to seriously suck at looking at my feed altely. This is gorgeous!