Colors on her : Happy women's day


camera: One plus 5
location: pokhara , Nepal
featuring holi festival , beautiful women

Look again a women is adjusting with different colors of the world, again she is losing her true colors true attitude midst the contrasting colors of the world. The white t shirt which used to symbolize innocence purity and selflessness of a young girl, now it is painted with different colors of sorrows, discrimination, violence, tolerance, her crushed dreams, her unsuccessful attempts making her a experienced women. She is trying to remove the colors that were painted upon her by world with her bare hands but she is Always tangled among her responsibility her dream family society and her wishes as like her hair. She has closed her eyes as if she doesn't want to see anymore violence, discrimination and her crushed dreams and again she sacrifice her happiness for others with a smile. She is smiling among all her dilemma and pains showing a women is not weak she will endure everything but she also know to fight back with a cruel smirk as a great warrior.

Happy women's day to all


Excellent shot.

thanks mate

Yo ho ni ta line... Kada ..

thanks you bro

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Kada post bro kada daami shot

thanks bro

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