Conspiracy Guy - Flat Earth

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Conspiracy Guy - Flat Earth

The Flat Earth Theory came roaring back in early 2015. I found it to be quite compelling and casually began exploring the idea. Within a couple of months the theory had spread like wildfire. It even reached the mainstream... only to be mocked and ridiculed of course... but still, it was being commented on by people on the TV, which is more than can be said about most alternative theories and ideas.

It quickly became frustrating, however. People who were sold on the theory became dogmatic about it and the term "flat earther" was born. It's been interesting to observe. Those who believe the theory tend to become obsessed with it. For them, it's the key to understanding everything, the extent to which we've been lied to about our history and placement here on Plane(t) Earth. That's fine, I'm all about challenging belief systems (BS) and paradigms, but a lot of "flat earthers" became intolerant of anyone who didn't subscribe to that belief 100%, and that, to me, is a problem.

We DON'T need more division. We're divided enough. I for one still respect the FE theory. If for no other reason than that it challenges the official NASA narrative. A narrative provided and endorsed by a source I do not trust at all. I'm also not a fan of science worship (scientism). I like that the Flat Earth theory gives life more meaning and challenges the popular concept that everything is RANDOM CHAOS. I think the Big Bang theory is big time bull shit.

Anyway... we made this video... and it pretty much sums up the way I feel about it. Some of the key points of the theory remain interesting to me, but I am not a fan of the division and animosity that has come along with it.

That said, if someone thinks they can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Earth is indeed flat, I am all ears.

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I've heard there isn't a single photo of earth. If that is true, then that, along with the high level of vitriol aimed at the FE community from the establishment interests me. I remain open minded. If the earth is flat then I suppose it proves a higher order, a creator of our world and maybe there lies the significance which could explain the obsession and the vitriol.

Hilarious! Well done!

Flat Earth Or Die Pleb!!
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