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Sometimes I add a book promoter on Twitter because... well, they added me, and I try to follow back just about anyone unless they're a bot or "leadership coach."

That's a thing I guess nowadays - leadership or life coaching.

Maybe it's legit and there's something useful I could learn from a life coach that I couldn't spending a day TED Talk'in and chillin'? But this week instead I captured some really funny book titles coming through my Twitter feed.

Are you a Has Been?


Well, Heather, if I were a has been I certainly do not think your flyer would make me feel much better nor like reading your blog.

How about "Do you feel like a has been?" I dunno. It's the way you worded it I suppose. It's a bit too direct, and I do appreciate it on that level but this title just made me shake my head while contemplating just...

.... what the hell do those graphics mean?

I'm almost curious to go read just because I'm still thinking about it.

After I get over crying and wallowing in self-pity over that ever gnawing feeling deep, deep down that...

Yes, Heather, you [email protected]#$. I am a has been.

You broke me down girllllll. You win.


Undead Redhead


This actually looks mildly amusing.
I recently have tried eaten vegan and it's going ok but I've already had my "chegan" moment today (thanks @deadmoonwrites for enlightening me on the term!).

The subtitle to this book is what kinda gets me

"Ginger, undead, and vegan.
Oh my."

I guess it's because I live in California and I'm "sensitive" or some shit, but isn't "ginger" an offensive word? I happen to love red heads. I don't get the ginger hate. I'm getting irritable. Maybe it's the veganism talkin' here and I just need meat.

And lastly collected

The Furniture Stripper


So just skimming Twitter quickly I thought this would be an erotic novel about a stripper that lived in a rural area that used furniture for props. But it's not.

Such a specific job title. Couldn't it be "carpenter" or "woodworker?" It's almost like working for a game development company where you just do one thing and only that one thing in the assembly line.

This character JUST strips furniture. I guess. Maybe I should buy the book to find out?

Which reminds me. While I am poking fun of these authors book titles and flyers I have to give them respect for putting their work out there and getting it done. It takes a lot of courage to do that and while I think their graphics could use some help they did succeed in piquing my interest so SOMETHING worked, right?

This is my entry for @comedyopenmic #24 😊
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I nominate @deadmoonwrites
and @chotho hoping for some foodie humor


Those symbols on her flyer are question marks.

But like droplets of water dripping from a leaking faucet.

haha yes I see the question marks! I think it's actually an ok design just looked a bit out of place paired with the title... like, is that hell?

I'm a little late to the party here, but one of my favourites is:


you forgot the classic christmas special :

Must be a has been ho!

Uhmmm vegan zombies could actually make for an interesting storyline/plot twist. Or etter yet, vegan vampires!! But then again, what do I know, I'm just a has been.

Me too Ange, me toooooooo!!

😂😂 that meme is on point. lol

LMAO I hope I can get featured one day I have some dumb short stories

Well, I guess the best way to make money, if you're a has been, is to write a book about it ^^
Motivation /FAIL! Heather...

But maybe she knows then all about it? I should go read it hah

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The peopleo who made these book took a lot of LSD.

Exactly! But they were told they just had "a lot of imagination" haha

wtf are you a has been.. how does one come up with a title like that.. ?? It sounds like shit lol

All 3 of those authors need to come together at a book club one day - wonder what could come out if they collab'd?

It would be a hot mess! lol

A hot mess, and a best-seller. Everything is a best-seller these days isn't it.

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