Comedy Open Mic Logo and Banner Design Contest- Win SBDs

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Comedy Open Mic supports the comedy bloggers on steemit. A lot of exciting things have been going on, and as the community has grown we want to share the love with the artists on Steemit.

Credit to our Dandy (@dandesign86) for creating this logo for us

Here we are with our new contest. We want your help in designing a logo and a banner for Comedy Open Mic.

Please follow the guidelines given below:

  1. Create a New Logo Design
    Your Logo Design should be at least 500 x 500 pixels in size
    Your Logo should have a transparent background
    Your Design MUST include a sense of whimsy but should look professional
  2. Create a banner for COM Community.

Contest ends after 7 days.

Go forth and be procreative creative.

EXCITING PRIZES in store for the winners

25 sbd for the overall winner
5 sbd for the runner up
1 sbd each for good entries based on the judges choice.

Some important things to keep in mind:
Please upvote this post. Resteeming is not mandatory but will help with higher rewards.
Please submit both the logo and the banner in the comment section.

The judges are:

You can check our account @comedyopenmic and our contest here.

We also encourage you to take part in the contest and show off your funny side. The medium of art and cartoons is always welcome.

A Big thanks to @dandesign86 for donating the prizes for the contestants


Hey, so I gave this a shot. Here's what I came up with initially.



Might brainstorm more on this if we're allowed more than one entry. It's a pretty cool contest idea!

i really like the simplicity of the top head and label here. and the lower banner makes for good company

Thanks for your entry and yes we do allow multiple entries.

This one's actually decent; just needs some polishing.
Great work, @soulturtle!

Thanks! I tend to favour the minimal approach cause that's what my software knowledge can produce at the moment. Do you have any suggestions on how to make it better? I might try out some other ideas too if I find the time.

Do you know vectors? I'd suggest you use/create those to get a fine looking logo.

Regarding colors, I'd suggest you to hit up a color "hacking" website, ones that give you a color palette. The colors suggested by it go well with each other.

Will tell more after you're done implementing the above two suggestions. All the best.
Do ask if you've any questions.
Thanks for taking your time out for creating a logo for us again! :D

My entry

Comedy OpenMic.png

Hope you like it

More colour variants @diebitch

Comedy OpenMic 4.png

Comedy OpenMic 2.png

Comedy OpenMic 1.jpg

Comedy OpenMic 3.png

Comedy OpenMic 5.png

Oh my.....just realized the background should be transparent,
Can i make it transparent now @diebitch

Yes you can play with the colours and make it transparent

hey DB, just saw you posted again a new Logo post, why don't you create a tag so if anyone want to create a post they can put the logo in your reply and their post, also notify people that you will extend the contest out for another 7 days and subject to extension (prize pool increase) or until winners are announce

eg. tag comedyopenmiclogocontest

Linked it to the original. I wanted all entries in the comments of either post.

sorry the delay friends, here is my contribution ...

The Logo

and the banner

The idea of ​​the banner is a stage with everything ready waiting for the comedian who will make his presentation

I Hope you like! :D

the circle gives it a strong presence. some how the letter font feels a bit off to me. i wonder about trying other fonts just to see. but i really like it!

i can change the font!! xD

Let me know your thoughts on this entry.

comedy open mic.svg.png

comedy banner.svg.png

(The banner's actually bigger than it looks; I used the specific dimensions for a SteemIt banner so it just looks small in this comment because it's so wide)

Thanks for your entry

very creative! i dig that.

I think it's very slick. I'd like to see more of your work.

Thank you! You can see some more of my work on my page or on the link to my portfolio on there.


Here's my entry for logo.



My banner.


Thanks for your entry

nice look...crisp!

Hello, these are my illustrations for the contest, I tried to do something simple.

Comedy Sticker.PNG

Comedy Sticker 2.PNG

Comedy Banner.PNG

Thanks for your entry

Here I leave my logo and banner entry, I hope you like it

logo final.png


Please put both your entries together and I'll upvote it up so others can see it and upvote it too.

My second entry

Comedy OpenMic 1.png

Hope you like it too

Greetings, this is my logo that you make:

Thanks for your entry!

Hello ... I present to you my creative creation of all creativity !!!! jajajajajaja
Mi Logo

Mi Banner

Invito a este reto a @primi y @lisbethseijas

Greetings, this is my banner:

this is nice for a stamp of sorts. i like. thanks!

I gave it a try. Hope you guys like it.


Thanks for your entry!

the top one is great!

Haha this is nice. That banner is the coolest so far!

Thank u! Was trying the comic elements


Make! Me! Pretty!!

I was thinking, after being inspired by a few designs here: how about a gentleman/woman (stickman = unisex) with black shades and slick posh hair (like @ned, but better), but the twist is - they're in their boxers in front of the mic.
Haha, what do you think? P;

just do it and show DB yesi

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok.


Entry #2


Great opportunity, love to participate with the @globalschool participants =)

Hello! These is my proposal for you. I combined the "C" from Comedy with the Mic and I twisted it a little. The banner it's have soft color and it;s made to let the logo in the center of the artwork.


Thanks for your entry

Here Is Entry #1

Comp 1_00001.png

Can always Change any of the colors if you'd like or the background, as well can animate it into video or gif, like have the open flashing on an off as if its broken Edit: Lowered glow settings on microphone a bit, thought it was a tad bright

Thanks for your entry

Looking forward for an awesome logo so tge community could use it and properly represent @comedyopenmic!

Artakush draws logos in the bush...

are you responsible for crop fields

I am responsible for many things, but cropping fields I leave to graphic designers :P

can confirm; my designs are croppy.

crappy* no problem, everybody makes mistakes.

Artakush giggles in the bush...

sets fire to that damned bush

pisses on the bush - cause he knows it will save LeBUSH

Once I get a computer, I’ll give this a shot.

Hope you do!

cool..!! worth to enter this challenge..!!

another challenge for us steemians! a creative one and resourceful to win this another challenge contest!Thank you...

Your Design MUST include a sense of whimsy but should look professional I'm afraid of the rules professional because everytime I come with it, I always get rid of it.

So,, it really for looking professional logos?..

We will be using the design for our website, so it needs to be a bit professional. Give it your best shot!

is it still open it says 7 days? I will be done in an hour or so

awesome thanks, sorry for asking twice

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is this contest still open? it says 7 days not sure if its been 7 days or not yet? If so would you prefer an animated gif or still logo?

open for another 4 days!

Ill be joining the contest. Wait for my entry.

Here's my entry: @diebitch

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