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RE: Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 13

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Hey! smiling judges. ¿Ready for a good laugh?
Ok, over here my first entry for this 13th round of the Open Mic Comedy Contest. ¡Enjoy! }:)


comeon @por500bolos, you've been consistently getting love from the community and @comedyopenmic, at least upvote the post with your $0.04 upvote and help the community that supports you grow a tiny bit ok

Oh sorry mate!! ¿Do you mean upvote this post with the Round 13 announcement of the contest?

Uhmm, I thought I've already did it. But to tell the truth, I've not seen that consistent love from the @comedyopenmic community on my new entry for this edition of the contest yet. LoL }:)

i mean upvote every comedyopenmic post and show some support to a community that reaches out to not just you, but the greater spanish community

look even with 10 100 upvotes you can not give back as much as you received from a bigger fish like the com account, it's the spirit that you show that makes a difference, besides, comedyopenmic is not here to earn on curation, it upvotes late to give everyone else a chance to upvote you first, so they too can benefit from some curation and love they show to your post

how we treat the community is how others will treat us

Ah! ok mate, understood!! ATM, I've been a bit busy with little time available to swank my way around reading all the contestant's posts to upvote & show some support to the content I would like the most on this #comedyopenmic 13th round.

I promise that when I finish one epic article that I'm writing right now. Before an important deadline that will happen in a few hours this sunday. In order to try to take it to the highest spheres of the Trending Page of steemit. I'll start nonstop with the crusade of love upvotes. :)

I even trying to create this special Mother's Day post in such way that it could even become my entry Nº 2 for this contest. LoL

Cheers!! ;)

Oy judges!! I'm afraid I'm bringing more work for you folks.

Over here my entry Nº 2 for this contest celebrating The Mother's Day!

Enjoy!! :)