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RE: Comedy Open Mic - Round 10

Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war.

Woof, woof bitches!

On a less apocalyptic note, has anyone tried to do some comedy-themed outreach via twitter etc.? The Melbourne Comedy festival is on at the moment (saw Marcel Blanch-de Wilt last night - still recovering), so it just occured to me that a lot of Aussie standup comedians might be a bit more active on social media than usual.

Seems like a no-brainer, because most of these people - the ones performing in the small clubs, not the big venues, could use a bit of extra cash...


We are always looking at ways of reaching people outside steem to bring them in. We are in the process of developing a reddit and twitter presence to try to bring more people in. If you have a idea on how to reach more people we'd love to hear it.

I'm too sleep deprived for any more bright ideas today - not that contacting comedians on twitter is rocket surgery or anything.

rocket surgery

daem that's some advance wank concept you got there, come meet us in the #marketing channel in discord to hand job....ahem mean hash out the brain farts....i mean precision darts

I do 3d animation of the comedy variety, video edit all that jazz, i could do up a couple videos for you or something let me know , cheers

Absolutely that would be really cool and greatly appreciated. Hit us up on discord and we can talk if you have time.


you could come over to the discord dungeon and have everyone wank over this golden idea. cheers Dougy