DJ Soju - My Crypto Life 😼🎤– Comedy Open Mic Round #17

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Hi my name is Soju, @linnyplant has been bugging my mum to post an entry for #comedyopenmic. Even though mum did try her best and entered into the meme contest, it wasn’t enough. So I thought I would help my mum out by writing out a rap.

I will start once I can pick up this dam pencil ……..



To set the scene, picture this while you read my rap. I want you to be able to feel my attitude as you are rapping the following in your mind.


My Crypto Life


🎤My name is Soju, your Crypto-Kitty
I thought it was time to get down to the nitty-gritty
Of my life.
My life watching the green and red candlesticks
Of the likes of Steem and Bitcoin because I will transfix
My sharp eyes on the bullish and bearish trends
So I can tell my mum and dad but I always hit dead-ends🎤


🎤Each time I point at the screen
They remove me and all I want to do is scream🎤


🎤Scream just like this picture my mummy drew
Who needs lessons but if only she knew
That I just want to help pay for my food and treats
So I wait until they leave their comfy seats
Then I take over.🎤


🎤But not for long
I don’t understand what I am doing wrong
Not only do I sit on the keyboard to press the keys
But to cover it in my desperate pleas
Because I am the boss, the boss of this house
So I swish my tail to brush the hand off the mouse🎤


🎤Go on I dare you, try touching it again
Then I will show you the equivalent to my pain🎤


First things first, before I go for my kitty nap.

I nominate the following two to enter the contest.


Next round, since you are judging this round. You are long overdue for another post.


Apart from your awesome drawings, you also write funny backstories for some of your images. Next time a great funny story and image comes to mind, come share it via this contest.


Of course this is not limited to those who are nominated. If you suddenly feel inspired with a funny post you would like to share. Check out #comedyopenmic
Click here to read the rules
Click here for the latest round


Also don’t forget to check your witness votes and remove the dead ones. You can use that vote to vote for the following (if you have not done so already) great witnesses for their commitment to the Steemit community support and growth.




Until next time. Peace out from DJ Soju.
Time for my nap

All images & gifs belong to @supersoju


Love you diva cat! ❤️ Welcome to COM 17!!

I know your mummy would be a mess without your crypto investment advice! Those humans have no idea you’re paying close attention while they’re giggling on the internet. Crypto-Kitty is definitely in da house!!

You gotta share more of your rap mojo again on COM. I know writing with a paw is hard. Your determination to break into the music industry is greatly admired. You just need a heavy gold chain with SBD pendant, to let people know you made it as the first steemian cat rap artist.

Also, I didn’t know your mummy supported witness @bobdos, I will vote too on her recommendation! 😘

Soju: Finally somebody gets me!! It was extremely difficult to hold a pencil indeed. I will only do it on special occasions. Oooo a new bling sounds good. I might have to sneak some of mum's SBD to buy me one.

Haha. Now you need a DLive vidéo rapping on those lyrics 😂

hahaha thanks for volunteering @quochuy kekeke


aaaaaaaaaaah XD so cute <3 i can... i can kinda imagine soju the cat rapping??? XD;;;;;;; adorable post! love the picture and all the lil emojis you put into the text <3 <3 <3

edit: wow im so late :<

im stupid


okei i have now followed you because obviously im a dummy spider :<


hahaha you silly billy

i am a very silly billy


but i am now a silly billy who's ready for more soju !!!!


This is an awesome entry. And so true!!! My cat doesn't like when I try to use my computer.

hahaha funny how they don't want your attention when you give it but want it when you don't give it.

That's how we imagine most traders...

pawing at a screen hoping for some cream.

hahaha nice one

A well deserved nap! Your mum and dad are lucky they have you to look after them. A cats work is never done.

Soju: That's what I keep telling them but they never listen.

I love this! We need more raps!
Was the bottom picture taken shortly after Soju was spayed?

hahaha thanks

You have a good eye, yes that picture was taken shortly after Soju was spayed. I think she was about 4 months old at the time.

My name is Soju, your Crypto-Kitty
I thought it was time to get down to the nitty-gitty

hahahaha oops I made a spelling error; suppose to be nitty-gritty
Just fixed it. Thanks!

Verry funny. well done supersoju. such raw talent and cuteness combined, how can you deny that.

Soju: hahahaha thanks. What would my mum do without me.

Where do I get a cat like that? because this my cat is only made and asks.

Awwaahhhh so cute!!!! Soju rapping! Soju animation!! DJ Sooooooooojuuuuuu <333333

Bless you Comedy Open Mic for encouraging Soju's mom to make this post.

Uhhh I don't know if I can make funny. I think only you get my sense of humour lol.

Love this post though <3.

hahaha thanks

I'm sure something great will come to mind. I'm sure there are heaps of people who will get your sense of humour too. It is time to expand and share your funny side more.

Hmmm hmmm, I am mulling about it, ssojuchan. I will do it if I can find my funny bone. I kinda hope I can make funny because there are people who I want to nominate XD.

All good, no pressure, when your funny bone decides to give you a tickle of an idea. I'm sure one day you will wake up and go, 'Hey! I have an idea! Thanks funny bone!' lol

Glad to see you've already decided which poor souls you will nominate kekeke

this kitty deserves her own ranchorelaxo.

your cat is very beautiful, and she is a all diva.

It's very cool, I really liked it a lot and it was very creative! =^-^=

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