Spider Coccoon

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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


hehe.....don't know why real life slap-stick is funny....but i laughed at this picture too

hahaha thank you :D im glad to hear that you had laughed :D :D

I admire this. I can not draw a wheel ;-)

aaaah thank you so much <3 you are very sweet !

It's my pleasure ;-)

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Wow. Creating stories with art. You did good. Very interesting. I should join in this

you should totally join, @unyimeetuk !!! it's quite fun :D

so beautiful , i like the way you work , <3
resteemed <3

aaah thank you so much <3 you are very kind <3

Your friend sound so haphazard XD. But yeah, I've met people like her, they're really quite frustrating some time because they can be so scatterbrained and forgot to do things that most people won't. But the one I know has such a warm personality, it's hard to be angry at them ^^.

Your drawing is successful because it captures the essence of this type of people. And the cross hatching is lovely, as always.

And I enjoyed reading your post about your friend :).

yeah she is definitely haphazard ! not very reliable as a person but really kind :D

thank you, scrawlyyyyy <3333333333333333333333

I know a few people like that actually, quite fun and "relaxing" to be around them. Cheers for the story n the dope art

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hahaha yeah "relaxing"


thanks !!!!

One word : LOL :D

hahaha ya, apt ! :D

Oh jeez those friends where you're like JUST. CHILL. PLEASE. XD

RoFL that was probably at least as hilarious in person as it was reading about it, your poor friend, I don't understand how they got he wrong shoes to begin with but that dramatic collapse was icing on the cake XD

Loved the silly sketchy in in the middle as much as the actual artwork :D

hahahah ya, they are always kinda freaking out about some thingy or other XD;;;

and yayayayayaya hahahahaha i still donno how she managed NOT to wear the right shoes as she went out of her door. it's like HOW

thank you ryry <3 <3 <3

Haha, nice. I toldja you could be funny.

Clumsy perhaps, forgetful certainly, but she had the eye of the tiger for that work talent show, heh

im just telling my friend who is funny XD;;;

and yes, friend's clumsy and forgetful but she's a really good dancer :D

Holy shit you're great at drawing!
Love it. 👏♥️
Thanks for participating too~ :D

Thanks so much ahaha~ ^ ___ ^

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Great sketch and really funny story to it. I can imagine the stress that your friend had when noticed that she had wrong shoes on, but luckily she had you :)

hahaha she's always this way, so everyone in our circle of friends are super ready for her ! XD;;; thank you !

This post, and drawing, but especially the story made me really happy. We all have our strengths, and our weaknesses, and it touched me what you said about your friend, that she makes other people smile, and has weird adventures, even though she can be forgetful or ditzy.

We must all cherish our superpowers, and shore up our weaknesses with good friends and family!

I have not seen this format for comedyopenmic, and I LOVE IT! I laughed, and loved the picture, when you said you finished digitally, I felt like you might actually be a human being. I have always thought, who can do these sorts of master pieces with a pen??? with no mistakes!!!

Cheers Spider, you made me smile today :)

yay thank you! i am glad to hear that it made you happy ! and yes, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and it takes all kinds to make the world go around, as they say :D

haha no i am actually not a human being


im a spider!!!!!!!


thank you again !!!!

LOL! Great to be hear with you my chatty spider friend, you make me smile, and you make my feed brighter with your amazing curation efforts and drawings!

hahaha - true story: my first time line dancing I was in tennis shoes and shorts while everyone else was in denim, boots, cowboy hats, and buckles. I looked out of place but they didn't mind and put up with me anyway =p
Great story and great artwork as always!

yeah ! just carry through with confidence and people would love you anyway, is usually what i say ! :D but she needed the right shoes to make tapping sounds :3 but yeah, usually, it's like WHO CARES ! be free ! be happy !

Thanks, as always :D

I love the drawings! And it's a funny story, especially the part about looking down and realizing she was wearing tennis shoes instead of heels. :-)

hehehe thank you ! i am glad you likey !!! :D

Good drawing spider, and very fun story...😆😍🙋

thank you very much <3 you are very kind :>

Bravo! Great work!! 'Gitana' outfit with tennis shoes sounds super trendy to me!!!! :D I dont usually forget things but I dont know why, people find me extremely laughable and ask me always to be at parties. The thing is that i'm kinda misanthropist :D @javier.dejuan also told me to participate in the Comedy Open Mic. Maybe when the heat wave is over :)))

Oh, is that what they are called? Gitana? Wow ! Thank you so much for letting me know, @perezalatina <3 I learn everyday :D

You should totally participate in Comedy Open Mic :D I will look forward to your entry !!!

you have skills in drawing , love it

Thank you very much :>

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