Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 20- My piano lessons- By @yonilkar

in #comedyopenmic3 years ago

This is my piano lessons I am showing my wonderful voice to my little cousin who has a nice voice by the way, but no better that mine.

At this time I nominate to @fernando.lubezki and @ladyceleste

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voice of an angel

Thanks for appreciate my beautiful voice.

ouch .. did your windows survive?

nice falsetto ... looks painful though... LOL

It's not falsetto , is my beautiful voice, hahaha thanks for watching.

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Thanks Guys

That girl looks trapped.

She knows that my voice is better that hers.

oh man...if i could have had you as my music teacher growing up.... i would have been the next mozart/jim morrison

Thanks, is 440000 STEEM for class just whales ok hahaha

i think you can break glass with that voice

You mean her voice, mine is better than snowwhite