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Its Summer in our country Bangladesh. This year it feels much hotter than in other years. The heat absorbs all the strength of the body. In our community, everyone is taking care of themselves in different ways. Here I am showing some...

summer 09.jpg


@reazuliqbal & @zaku you guys told me not to tag in my comic post next time, otherwise you'll flag me. I got afraid and I didn't. 😰
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@azizbd You are my Idol! 😇
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Beautiful Ayasha
summer 14.jpg
She is the Beauty diva, always conscious about her health and skin! No matter some people her 🐘

Developer and his story : part 1
summer 12.jpg
The "Single ready to Mingle" Developer getting fed-up for the hot weather, going out for some fresh air.

Developer and his story : part 2
summer 11.jpg
No matter the whole community is there, they both just come #coffee-lounge to talk to each other.

Zaku Bro
summer 10.jpg
The biggest stakeholder! His life is all about money and honey!

Hasnat and Sayem
summer 13.jpg
Top SM lover and player of our country! Tensed about the Rewards!

Aziz Bhai
summer 16.jpg
Fit and Fine Aziz Bhai. He only believes in charity and the nutritious fruit banana.

summer 15.jpg
He can finish two dozen banana at a time! with this, his brother also asked him to eat bananas. Now he's a banana man.

summer 17.jpg
Every day he invents a new idea of investment and getting work on it! Only he has the calculation of his profits.


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Blessed Day To All!


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Funny! Thanks for your mention and this is a nice one.

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You're nice, so I had to make it look nice. 💚

রিয়াজ ভাই এর টা দেখে হাসি পাচ্ছে 😂

He's cool btw 😉

Please dunt lie

I ever lie? Especially in his case?

😌Yes u always. Leave this matter. Tell me more about ur honeymoon under water 😌😌

Rubbish ekta! Call dey nai ekhono. Ami gali ready kortesi. 🤬

U fool. Dunt miss the chance. Guess the scenario 😍 How amazing

You proved that bangali are the more creative than others if he have a positive mentality..

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Your words inspired me more. 💚

Great apu, awesome creativity. Thanks for share with us.

You are my inspiration Bhaiya 💚

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You are always LOVE 💙

you are very creative.

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Beauty with Brain 😎

👋 Love your humor. :)
And love all the work. Amazing! 💕

I tied a stone on my chest, then made that part!
Have my !rabbit 🐇

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