OhLife#13 - Comic's Draft A

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Today, I'm doing a little something different.

I've been doing a Faux(Digital)Inktober so far (actual rules here), and I turned it into a comic making exercise.

So each day turned into a prompt.

Lost too much sleep.
Had to skip a day of Inktober.
I'm not officially doing Inktober everyday now.
But I think I'm doing the challenge enough to follow through on the 31 prompts for the challenge! :P

This time, I decided to let a few Inktober prompts guide a single comic strip of mine.

This means I'll delay making an actual comic post, but still insist on posting to Steem... each... day... I suppose!

(Breaking the Inktober rules even more, haha ":D)

My panel drafts are as follows:

Panel 1: Drain

I'm now on my Inktober 21st post. And the prompt is "Drain." I let the word "drain" suggest the hidden theme for all 4 panels for the day. And here, we have panel one:

Panel 2: Expensive

I simply drew the second panel.
Not thinking about the word expensive (The next prompt in the challenge)
After drawing the clock, curtains, and desktop with PC, I thought to myself that I could have the PC or some diamond like thing on the table be the expensive thing. Haha.

Panel 3: Muddy

Not much to say here.
I mean.
I guess I strew some muddy like lines all around.
Because I'm a tooootally mindless person.
Without intellect of any sort.

Panel 4: Chop?

You know.
I drew the 4 panels first.
And I couldn't think for the life of me how chop was gonna fit into this panel!

Oh, what the heck!

I'll bid "chop" goodbye, and meet up with it in the next comic strip!

Session Wrap Up

Time is running out.
Minutes away from my needed bed time.

Realized I didn't even actually properly draft out the photo frame and the curtains in the 4th panel.


I've made up my mind to put sleep before Steem and/or the Inktober challenge!

So that's all today, from me!

Seee yah, next time! :)

Oh! Video Process Here, Anyways!

Prepping of comic layers, folders, & colors

Light & Dark Drafting

Discord Groups I've Joined!:

MAN CAVE_FINAL.jpg steemit-webcomics discord channel

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://reconstitution.vornix.blog/2018/10/25/ohlife13-comics-draft-a/

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It's interesting to see what each word generates which idea for what drawing in your head, Russell :)

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