A Pleasant Surprise

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Usually the mailbox at my shop is filled with bank statements, junk mail, and offers to the previous tenant. So I was pleasantly surprised when the other day we received a small package from Independent Publisher Alterna Comics.


Alterna is a newer publisher who kinda has some old school traits. They publish a handful of books but what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack is definitely their price point. While most other new books hit the rack with cover prices of $3.99 and up, Alterna’s lineup hover in the .99 to $1.50 range. The paper they use is like newspaper stock...like the olden days of comics, so don’t expect that glossy stuff that the others use. But that’s ok...they have carved out a nice niche for themselves and while we don’t get rich off moving their titles, we have a steady stream of folks who peep their titles out.

Inside this mysterious package was a letter which was really awesome to receive. It seems one of our customers who goes by Daniel S., shot a letter to Alterna throwing some love our way. In return, the gracious publisher decided to throw us a little care package for supporting their lineup. Badass!!!


First off...Huuuuuuge Thanks to both Daniel and Alterna. The fact that a small publisher goes out of its way to show some appreciation to a small shop is just another thing that makes them stand out as rock stars. Also, that Daniel took the time to compose a letter stating his appreciation for our shop is something that really hits home.

We do our best at the shop to try to make our customers feel welcome. We attempt to give them a shopping experience worth remembering be it through the lighthearted atmosphere or the absolutely bonkers selection of product. Most of the time in this busy world it seems folks don’t notice...so when they do as in Daniel’s case, it’s simply the best. Thank you both, once again. Simple gestures such as these mean the world.

The kindness didn’t stop there though. Alterna packed in a selection of books, posters, and stickers as well. A badass gesture from a badass publisher!!! I will absolutely be hanging the poster for customers to see this week!!! One hand washes the other...right?!?



You can learn more about the titles published by Alterna here!!!

Go and order a few books or better yet, hop on down to your local comic shop and purchase them there. If you don’t know where your local comic shop is...shame on you for starters...then hop on over to the ol’ locator and go down a rabbit hole of enjoyment!

Thanks again guys!!!


(Conquest Comics)


hey...shhhh... Most publishers have all but forgotten that they can mail out actual physical POP posters and such. I do it from time to time (when time and money allow) and always get a nice boost. Stores have walls and windows...and you can't hang the internet on those.

Ha! I found out about alterna maybe little less than a year ago and bought some books and watched the owner on social media and the owner/company is legit super cool.

I alway dug your presence here so made me smile to see 2 random internet people I liked have a great professional moment. I saw alterna doing this giveaway and thought it was fitting you got one!

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