New COMICS & TOYS this week at Comic Shops!!! 3/4/20

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Ready to take a gander at all of the exciting nerdy nonsense making its way to comic shop racks this week??? I’m talking about kick ass Comics and Toys!!! I’m your host @blewitt, and I thank you for joining me on this virtual window shopping experience!!!

Each and every week on our Conquest Comics Instagram page, we post pics of the new comic books, toys, and miscellaneous merchandise that just arrived. Brand spankin new product for you to salivate over!!! Figured there are enough folks here who collect that it would be a useful service that would help with keeping up to date with new product. Feel free to check out our other pics on our Instagram account. Please give the shop a follow on Instagram as well if ya like what ya see!!!

First things first...To find your local comic book shop check the link below. Throw some support their way instead of shopping Amazon. Support your local stores and shops some support over the big box online retailers!!!

Ok...let’s jump right into it!

Marvel saw Strange Adventures hit. This sold very well as we ran out fairly quickly. Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Dr. Strange, Miles Morales...all hit. Black Cat also features a nice Campbell cover featuring the lovely badgirl with Wolverine by her side.


DC...what can I say?!? It was all about Batman #90. Everyone has Punchline fever right now and this book just feed into the craze as we sold out within seconds. Oh...there were other DC books this week?!? Could have fooled me.


Indy titles are varied as usual. The Goon, Ghostbusters, King of Nowhere are some randoms. Image dominated with Farmhand, Birthright, and Mercy. Mercy also featured a ton of really pretty covers that are worth a look.


See the nonsense here...


In the random merchandise corner, it’s heavily dominated by Funko this week with a gazillion Pops featuring a plethora of licenses. Equally as dominating are the Dragonball figures and collectibles. These fuckers were packed tight in my shipment this week. The ego on Goku...

Diamond Select pops out a line of Disney pieces that include a sweet Rocketeer and the robots from The Black Hole. Just peep it all below please!

















Class dismissed.



Thanks a ton!!! We try to get some kickass shit in weekly!!!

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How much for that Vegeta Chase, I'm just curious :)?

Shoot me a pm on FB and we can chat it up about this hunk of shit, brother.

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What if I was to tell you, I already did that shit yesterday because I didn't know if you'd see my comment, baby boiiii.

Lol. Sorry. Been a crazy time. I’ll hit u up tomorrow!

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Don't worry about it, dood. Everything is fucking crazy right now. Stay safe, man.

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So many Funko Pops. I like the Ben figurine from Umbrella Academy. The show was a killer. Maybe even better than the comic.

I haven't seen the Ghostbusters comic series. I'll have to check that out. The franchise as a lot of untapped potential imo.

I still have to check the show out. My wife watched it and enjoyed it but I watch too much crap to begin with. Lol

Yeah we have a stupid amount of Pops at the shop. You have any?

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I have a Deadpool Pop. The one with the thumb up and gun. Next buy will definitely be Baby Driver. Would love to have that on my desk.


And it's a little more safe for work. ;-)

Mercy looks cool enough I may pick up a copy. Have you read it, @blewitt?

Hey brother! No I haven’t. To be honest I’m not really reading anything right now besides Amazing Spider-Man. Only because that’s my flagship jam and has been for like 30 years. Lol

On average, how many books you currently ready a week?

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Hola @blewitt.

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Hi @blewitt.

Your Publication Has Been Voted Manually 5%.

how many Funko Pops you think you have at any particular point in time? From pics I have seen in the past i bet the number is pretty high


Well I know we have over 3500 different ones on the floor.

In our storage units there’s the stock from the last con at around 2000 pieces.

Our remaining White Phoenix and Metallic Harley Quinn exclusives which lets ay is around 1000 pieces.

Then the back room...I’d say back here there is overstock of around 12-15 thousand pieces. So if I had to guesstimate, it would be around 20,000 pieces. Yes...dumb. Lol

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