Through the Looking Glass

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Hi steemians, it was really a long time but now there is the first adventure of Blockchain Cat in 2020. It's amazing that this year's introduction was made so nicely by one of the most famous cats in the entire universe, the Cheshire Cat. As every cat, our friend dedicated most part of the time to rest in the middle of the noise and sleep while many things happened here in this platform. Including to woke up and realise been mirrored in a new blockchain :-)

Believe it or not, our friend already met an Annoying Fork before, but it's not rare to him chat with other animals like rich dogs, strong bulls, polar bears and penguins and even slothicorns. Of course it's also normal to meet with feline friends like Cryptokitties and Blockchain Cat could travel a lot - Visiting Japan, for example - to enjoy a good company.

Could be cat's lazyness or intuition anyway, for some reason, after 2017 and 2018, there weren't any resolution for this year here. Now, with the world facing the Covid-19 pandemic and people saying that cats have experience and immunity with coronavirus, it would be healty for us hear from Blockchain Cat much more often and on as much platforms as possible.

If you want to change the dialogues, adding images and create your own new stories with the Cheshire and Blockchain Cats, it's under Creative Commons attribution license. Anyone can copy, display, distribute, perform and remix the work if credit the original creator. To make new versions easier, there is a shared public Google Presentation file that you can copy and edit the way you wish.

May the nour be with you! Thank you very much and good luck again!!

4/23/2020 @wagnertamanaha

Check this Blockchain Cat's adventure reflected on the other blockchain: Through the looking glass.

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Idea | Intro | << #blockchaincat >>


Parabéns, seu post foi selecionado pelo projeto Brazilian Power, cuja meta é incentivar a criação de mais conteúdo de qualidade, conectando a comunidade brasileira e melhorando as recompensas no Steemit. Obrigado!


People seem to being going overly safe than sorry as far as pets to human transfer and masks lol

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