Happy Thanksgiving I M PAW: Kiki - 2019's Thanksgiving Comic art (Week 47)

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Hi Steemians! It's been quite a while since I last posted, and having a few days off work so I'm here to post and update my various artwork progress! It's been very hectic for me, and I miss the Steemit platform very much~

First of all though, wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! It's a day to gather with loved ones and friends as all cherish, and make a toast for gratitude and good things to come! Come visit www.impaw.com for my 365 days of daily art challenge, as well as weekly Sunday webcomics for 2019!

For Thanksgiving Day here's a comic about gratitude and blessing for you all to enjoy! Please follow me for more artworks and personal blog updates :)

Wk 47 Happy Thanksgiving webcomics 9x11.png

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Love the comic and Kiki's words of wisdom!

Thanks @emergehealthier! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day :) How have you been?