Rogue is proven: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #173– September, 1983

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Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #173: "To Have and Have Not"

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #173– September, 1983.jpg

The issue opens with Wolverine hitting someone to get information about the Oyabun of the Yakuza. While Rogue is watching from the sidelines, looking very entertained. The person tries to attack Rogue which is a really silly thing to do. She defeats him easily.

Wolverine invited all of the X-Men to Japan for his wedding. But his fiancée's, Mariko, father was a crime-lord and her half-brother the Silver Samurai wants to rule the empire she inherited. All of the X-Men except Rogue and Storm are in intensive care unit after being poisoned by the order of the Silver Samurai and Viper.

Elsewhere, Yukio and Storm try to find shelter, but enemies find them. Yukio takes the matter of their condition easily and with humor, being hurt and outnumbered easily, and it seems to start rubbing off to Storm who states "you only die once".

We switch back to Rogue and Wolverine. Rogue carries Wolverine while flying into the second floor of the house of the Yakuza leader. Still, Rogue activates a trap and Wolverine saves her. Rogue tries to give Wolverine an admiring kiss as a joke, but it is not funny to him. Rogue can absorb other mutants' powers, memories and personalities with any physical contact. It is usually temporary, except in the case of Carol Danvers, the damage done to her was permanent. Danvers was an old friend of Wolverine so he is still angry at Rogue. Also, it is thoughtful of him not invite Danvers as that would have reminded her of what she had lost.

However, Wolverine and Rogue have been deceived. They find a corpse, which means this was a distraction and someone else will probably try to kill Mariko and the X-Men.

Elsewhere, Yukio and Storm defeat their attackers. Storm is infected by Yukio's madness as she calls it. She understands that she has used her powers to deliberately inflict pain and she is alright with it now.

Wolverine and Rogue don't arrive at the hospital on time. Viper, a worker and partner of the Silver Samurai has arrived at the hospital with mercenaries, they are all there to kill the X-Men. But then at the last second Rogue and Wolverine arrive to fight Viper and her mercenaries. Well, Rogue takes on all of the mercenaries at once and Wolverine goes after the Silver Samurai.

Mariko shows up to stop Wolverine from killing the Silver Samurai. Despite Wolverine's better judgment. Then the Viper shows up. Apparently, she is the Silver Samurai's master and not the other way around. As the Viper fires her special gun, Rogue shows up and takes the hit. But it is the gun has some real powerful effect. It's no bullets that come out of it, but burning light. But Rogue wants to protect Mariko who has been kind to her since the beginning. So, Rogue decides to sacrifice herself.

Viper's gun explodes and she leaves with the injured Silver Samurai. Wolverine wants to repay his debut to Rogue. She saved Mariko, now he will save her with his healing factor. Even though it might kill him as she absorbs his powers.

A week later we see Mariko before her wedding. Someone has used his mind powers over her. A few special guests arrive at the wedding: Lorna Dane and her boyfriend Alex Summers, his father and his brother, Scott Summers who has brought his girlfriend Madelyne Pryor, who looks exactly like the deceased Jean Grey. Professor X and Lilandra are also there. Lilandra freaks out when she sees Pryor and tries to attack her. Colossus stops her and Charles reasons with her, calming her down. Jean is dead. Then Storm shows up looking like a goddess of punk.

Storm's new look.jpg

This look scares Kitty which runs away crying "how could you". This is pretty similar to the look that young Storm had in the movie "X-Men: Apocalypse". So there were sort of accurate about the look. At least with the hair.

Kitty seems to accept Pryor without a problem. She is dress as Miko, the maid of honor of sorts and asks Pryor to look after her small dragon, Lockheed. Pryor is only starting to realize what she has gotten herself into with the X-Men.

Suddenly, at the alter Mariko tells everyone that the wedding is off. She tells shocked Wolverine that he is not worthy and leaves a crying devastated Wolverine behind her. There is only one happy person here and we do not know who he is as we only see his mouth smoking a cigarette.

Wolverine has feared all along that he is unworthy so the pain is even worse. He is a mutant, he is a killer and he is uncivilized. But he is also a hero and an X-Men, but that is not enough for him to believe in himself.

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