Speculating on Comic Books for 10.23.2019

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Another week, and I’m ready to go buy some more books. Personally, I’m looking forward to picking up these two books this week :

Batman Beyond 37 A Cover – this features the first cover appearance AND full appearance of Batwoman in Neo-Gotham
Immortal Hulk 25 A Cover – looking the Immortal Hulk is getting into some serious cosmic-type, reality altering, Mandela Effect possible type stuff. Can’t wait!

I won’t be flipping them; but, I imagine you’d like to see what some books are currently getting on the secondary market, right? Well, let’s not waste time and get to it:

Batman Beyond 37 A Cover Lee Weeks and B Cover Francis Manapul

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What is this? Do my eyes deceive me??? A DC book on this list????

As already mentioned, I’m grabbing cover A for this Beyond Batwoman cover. There aren’t any big sales yet, but things seem to be trending up in price. Cover A is fetching at least $10 USD, with current offerings even more. Cover B is listing at $20 USD. If you see these, have zero interest in holding them, and want to take a flyer on gains, grab them at cover price. Or just hold on to them, as I will. Let’s be honest…there really should be a Into the Spiderverse like film for Terry, but we’ll see if time bears that out.

Oh yeah, did I mention how nice it is to FINALLY see a DC title on this list????

Marvel Action Spider-Man 10 B Cover Jonboy Meyers

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Grab and run with this one! This ratio is getting $35 - $45 USD currently.

Future Fight Firsts Luna Snow 1 D Cover Yongjoon Cho

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This 1:25 marvel ratio has at least one sale around $35 USD, with other listings in the $40 USD range. Good luck today (and snag this one).

Agents of Atlas 3 B Cover Stonehouse Variant

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This Marvel 1:25 ratio is getting around $30 USD on eBay…so you know the deal, if you see it cheap, snap it up.

Bonus Buy If My Litecoin Were Worth Anything

Again, if my damn 21 Litecoins were worth anything, hands down I’d pick this up today online :

Immortal Hulk Alex Ross 1:500 Ratio

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Seriously, this one is listed on eBay for $750 USD…yet you can buy on Midtown, as you read this, for $425 USD. I’m just glad Litecoin hasn’t made this an easy decision for me to buy today. Either way, it's an absolutely beautiful cover that I won't be buying.

That’s it for today; I’m off to count more inventory, and pick up more Batman Beyond keys I think. Good luck everyone, especially with those Marvel ratios.


Damn. I'm picking up Hulk 25 today, but I doubt it's that cover. Soooo many variant covers. They used to be a one off for fun for special editions, now they seem to be happening all the time to try and sell more copies.

Me too...that's another series I've been following since it started. The whole variant thing is ridiculous, and my local store has zero chance at any of the variants I like, so I end up paying a premium on eBay for them. I'm trying to limit them to one's my daughter may like down the road. Otherwise, I'll have zero money to stack Bitcoin!

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Thank you as always!

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I knew that Marvel Action Spider-Man variant would be a winner when I placed my orders so I stocked up healthy on it. Venom is always a big seller and it’s a cool cover. Being an IDW book, this thing will end up being a ghost long term.

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I noticed the preview mentioned a "new Spider-Man" and saw cover A sell out quickly, but to me it just looked liked Venom in IDW for first time. I'm saving my cash for Captain Marvel 8 this week instead.... hopefully you got some litecoin out of it (j/k...I mean Bitcoin)

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Did Batman Beyond sell out for you too? My local store had zero copies when I stopped by at lunch.

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We sold out in the first 3 or 4 minutes. Of course I had to reject a ton of folks the rest of the day. Yay!

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This hobby - it's madness!

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