Damages Damages Damages Don't worry now, don't worry now, don't worry cause it's all under control (NOT!)

in #comics2 years ago

Every Tuesday is like Christmas for me. It's a surprise opening up a box every time. I didn't say it was a good present... This week's damages are brought to us by UPS! Box drop, printer issues and missing comics are what all of us comic shop owners hope we don't have, but unfortunately it's an expectation.






When the damage replacement box shows up and looks ok on the outside this is how Diamond packs the comics! Sigh, can't win.



Vampirella Red Sonja #1 1:25 Virgin Variant


I'm just going to cross my fingers that next Tuesday won't be so bad. (I know it will be (>_<) ) All I want are comics to arrive and not damaged for my customers! Is that too much to ask?


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How do these companies not understand that condition is key? Surely maintaining a reputation for having sturdy packaging to protect the merchandise is worthwhile. I saw @blewitt's post about similar problems the other day and it just left me shaking my head.

@blewitt sucks. I told him I was going to post about damages and he beat me to it. I'm sure that the Diamond employees don't care and they're just trying to finish a job as quickly as possible since there's so many comics that go out every week, in addition, UPS trying to get packages out as quickly as possible too. It just sucks that they don't think that their actions could potentially affect someone's business.

If they have a social media presence, maybe you guys can start posting these issues there. It seems to be a regular thing, they really need to reevaluate their shipping process.

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Tiny steps. They stated that we will be receiving new sturdier boxes but that still doesn't prevent their packers from placing the product in said boxes incorrectly or UPS from not dropping them but we will see how much it really does help.

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