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RE: These are the kinds of idiots that creative types, and those who want their crypto to have value, need to understand

in #commmunity9 months ago

All those things you wrote, I've been think the same things about HIVE (and STEEM) but never was able to put them in line, and form something coherent. You did that excellently, you put every thought down and it not only makes sense, I guess (and hope) you made some people wake up and see things more clearly.

If I had to put all this in one sentence, it would be: "The smaller the pond, the bigger the fish seem." Fake motives about decentralization, democracy, novelty, etc and very catchy but have nothing to do with what is really going on: it's all about power and control inside a bubble.


We can HOPE some people got it. If not...we can always continue the party elsewhere!