Animators in Japan are ridiculously underpaid. Steem can help.

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I was in the process of making some artwork to post tonight, but I randomly came across this video. I'm still an anime fan, but when I was younger I was a HUGE anime fan. It was probably the single largest inspiration for me wanting to become an artist.

Later on I found out that animators in Japan were really underpaid but until this video I didn't know actual figures. The girl interviewed says she's bringing in anywhere from $300 USD to $500 a MONTH. Now I know Steem is a global platform, so depending where you are in the world this might be a lot or a little, but she's in Tokyo. In Tokyo, that is NOTHING. That is not even remotely enough to survive. She's able to live in her apartment because her landlord crowdfunds their rent and it's a dormitory specifically to help animators.

In the video above she mentions that some of the veteran super badasses are in the same boat and don't make much more than her. Mind you some of these people are some of the most skilled artists in the world without a doubt.

Here we are, now on the dawn of Communities and when I hear about this, I can't help but think this is one of those situations where Steem could dramatically change not only a ton of people's lives, but that entire industry.

Anime is incredibly popular all around the world, and if Steem had a community where these artists posted their sketchbooks, rough animations, practice, whatever they could share, it would not only draw huge crowds of content consumers that would love to see that content, but even at the current Steem price it could make a huge difference in these animators lives. Those crowds that this would draw would need to deal in Steem to support these artists. Obviously they have a ton of support as their rent is currently being mostly paid via crowdfunding. I've said before that Steem has the best technology in the world for supporting content creators, we just have bad UX so most of the power is squandered, but by taking these features to their full potential

  • Upvotes
  • Donations/Tips/Direct Transfers
  • Beneficiary System
  • Delegations
  • Rev Sharing through ads or some other mechanism

Steem has a completely unique value proposition that is offered nowhere else on the internet or in the world. It seriously kills me a little everyday that there is nothing really pushing these things as far as they can go, anyway that's a tangent, not looking to beat that horse tonight.

This is something that I'm definitely going to look into starting once Communities launch. I'm not sure how big the Japanese community is here, but it would be great to connect with someone that could translate. I have like 2-3 connections with old art school friends that are Japanese and moved back to Japan after school but they don't work in this industry. Anyway, I think this is a primo community to target. I'll be looking to follow animators on twitter so I can invite them once things are ready. I really think if we can convert one community and have them do well here, and start to release content exclusively on Steem, I think it could be huge. Okay, I just needed to share that, back to the art mines.


It's a pretty rough career choice in Korea, too.
I have a friend who was told to break up with her boyfriend because he was an animator.

I imagine it would be hard to have any sort of relationship. The girl in this video said she works 7 days a week!

Yeah, long hours combined with low pay.
Finance people, lawyers and doctors work a lot too, but I imagine her parents would accept that.

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Wow, that's quite a revelation. Thank you for providing awareness about this, @midlet.

I do quite enjoy some anime myself, though perhaps not as much as others.

It's odd that while watching anime, you don't really think about the livelihoods of the people who created them.

You never realise the hardships they have to go through to make the shows that we all enjoy.

Steemit is a great platform to share work. As you and others have shown, @midlet; showcasing artwork for people to enjoy, while being able to make some money on the side, too.

I do hope that Steemit and platforms like it, maybe Patreon; could help to provide financial support for creators like them as they go about their regular work.

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Wow that’s an unfortunate position they’re in with wages. Very astute of you to see the potential of STEEM to be an income stream for these talented artists!

Oof that’s less than I make in a month 😵 (by “make” I actually mean “get from my partner to homeschool children and other such miscellany” but that counts as work 😆)

You could probably just get them onto ccc to start with and branch out once communities happens if you don’t want to do the tribes thing. Hopefully communities will be soon now but given how long it took for smts it could also be forever 🤣

That landlord crowd funding rent for their animator tenants sounds pretty cool 🙃

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