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Hi, Dear Steemians Friends.

Most of you know me around here as the founder of the Thai and Lao community and I keep most of my time for the growth of the Thai and Lao community. We have a beautiful community that is more of a big family even if we only know each other virtually. If you want to know more about our community I encourage you to read a post written by @impressable Here it will give you a good idea about our community. But another part of my Steemit contribution is also to help in the making of new communities and by the way, bring new users to Steemit and give some value to Steem. I already help @hdmed to bring the Team Morocco to life and I am happy to say after months of work together we have today a working community. After the Morocco community, I find out that Arabic people are present on the Steemit platform but the number of user in some countries is very small and for the moment it is hard to make a community. So it becomes clear that if we want Steemit to be renowned worldwide we have to do something for them. As I am not speaking or writing Arabic, I find some help in the persons of @moroccantoughts and @askmee to build a new team and a new community for Arabic content. We have built in the past two-month @teamarabic under the tag #arab and we've made the launch yesterday and I am happy to say it is a successful launch so far. Check the launch post Here. I have to say, both Morocco and Arabic community are very nice people and it is a pleasure to help them, all of them are also speaking English and mostly post in both Arabic and English or French. So I want to encourage all of you to engage with them, in Steemit there is no border and visas. I am proud of all these adventures and I want to give a special thank to @dongkeypong and @kevinwong for all the good work they have put in the communities building and make this possible. I am sure if every Steemit user will help only by bringing a new user on a monthly basis Steemit will be already a bigger success and Steem price will be above 10$.

Love and Happiness



Thank you @ricko66 . You have the credit to what we achieved today, thank you very much for the help and encouragement to this community, which will help all the Arabs on this platform. I also wish you success and keep sharing the best posts as always and tells us about the Thai society and what they are distinguished by.

We all have the credits to the coming success of @teamarabic because the members are doing a great job and they are very creative. I am really happy to be part of this adventure and we will push further to become a huge community :)

as Moroccan and a steemit member for about 5 months now my blog have changed a lot since i joined TeamMorocco now i'm proud to be a part of this journey, thank you.

Thank you, @chatitsimo, I am sure that with @teammorocco and @teamarabic we are on a way to a double success :)

Thank you Mr. @ricko66 for the idea of creating an Arab society and bringing it out yesterday and thanks to it the Arabic language will take its place among the languages of the world at steemit

Thank you, @klasanaj, sure Arabic languages have a place on Steemit and every nation of the world. Let's make this platform a meeting place for the entire world :)

The heart is spreading the word of gratitude and loyalty for all what you have done in order to reach what we aspired today. Our success today was the fruit of the joint work that would not have been possible without all of your work in a single boat. Thank you my friend @ricko66 , thank you for being the best friends.

Thank you, @steeimran, I am happy to be with you all on this boat and thank you for all the great posts you are posting :)

on behalf of all members i thank you @ricko66 from the bottom of my heart to all the support and effort you have done,we are willing to work together and interact with each other sharing our thoughts cultural diversity and life experiences arab,thai and lao communities,let's make STEEMIT a better place.

Thank you @moroccantoughts we have take time to launch this team and it is worth it and of course, I encourage each member to each Steemit communities to interact and make friends from all over the world. A few people, especially in the western world today may have a wrong image of what is the Arab world and I invite them to come around and read the posts and interact because really, it is not what mainstream medias are telling.

Thank you @ricko66 and I hope we will be in good faith.

We will do all what it take to make it a great success.

Thank you for all what you are doing with us , yes the number of users who speak and write with arabic are small if we compare with other languages but with @teamarabic we could become a big community soon but the important thing is the good content.

Thank you @ricko66

Thank you, @askmee, you know how much I am happy to help your team and I am really sure that the success is at the corner of the road :)

Hey! Good luck with everything you are doing. It's great you are supporting and believing in this project so much. I hope I can help you.
I think I found the person you are looking for.
@matytan is from Cambodia and has been steeming for a while now!

Thank you,, when starting one of this project is always to bring it to success for the people that are not yet represented on the platform. I just look at @matytan profile and blog and will drop a comment. Thank you for your help and see you soon during my next trip in beautiful Cambodia. :)

When are you planning to come?

I think about a month or a month and a half if I not get called to go Hong Kong.

Waaa! You are important!!! Well, I will be in Siem Reap for a while :)

No not Important HK is another thing

Thank you for everything you do for us. I appreciate this and appreciate the effort you are making to help us to improve in the community of Steem . thank you again @ricko66

Thank you, @aherbil, I am happy to help and look forward to building this community and give it a great place into Steemit. Thank You. :)

Thank you @ricko66 for your support and encouragement to Moroccans and Arabs in general .

You are welcome, @saidhansali :)

Thank you for everything you do for us
you are amazing

My pleasure, @nourtawfiq, I will be happy to have more people from Palestine :)

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@ricko66 Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you more shine

Thank you @ricko66 for the support, you are a good man, honestly i never saw someone like you want to give all the the support for all people .