Time to Delete Facebook and Move to Steemit

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Facebook demise has no end and this is good for them after their lies and hate against steemit and other cryptocurrencies even moving ahead and banning all ads related to crypto´s. It is thus time for all of us to inform our contacts to delete their Facebook account and move over to steemit where they will at least earn something .

According to The Sun

ELON MUSK is wiping his companies SpaceX and Tesla from Facebook.
The billionaire entrepreneur made the move in response to a comment on Twitter calling on him to support the delete Facebook movement.
Twitter users have been using the #deletefacebook hashtag to convince others to bin the platform, amid the company's latest privacy scandal.
After admitting that that he didn't know that Space X had a Facebook page, Musk went and deleted it anyway – along with that of his electric car company Tesla.

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The above campaign against facebook is not new because of Facebook´s management greed ie always wanting all the financial gain alone with their shareholders, using members datas to make more money and censoring people they don’t like or disagree with. Moreover, it is time we take advantage of the situation and join the campaign in order to grow our steemit membership-here are some few points:

**#Deletefacebook and #joinSteemit ** : we all can join tweeter campaign and use it for our own advantage by adding this hashtag #deletefacebook and #joinSteemit . This will create more awareness especially for those who have not heard about the ingenuity of steem ecosystem and how people can build their contacts, learn new things, build community and earn steem /SBD blogging what they like on steemit.

Growth means more success for all: The growth of steemit means more success for all of us because it will reflect on steem price especially if some new members buy steem and power up. Moreover, I am optimistic that this year will be a big success for all steemians because of the upcoming SMT, Hard Fork 20 (see my older posts for more details) and the demise of steemit (crypto) chief hater Facebook –hopefully most of their members will see steemit as a better alternative.
I do , however, understand that facebook will always be part of our social media especially those who love sharing their children pictures. However we have to let them know that we can not be used for ever and that there is a better blogging alternative ( Steemit) that at least shares revenue with their members.

Do you agree? Send in your comments . Resteem in order to reach more people and upvote to send in your support.

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I am in for the steemit hashtag becasue this is going to create a buzz. We might me not able to make it to the top list but in any case at the end of the day, it is going to help us a lot.

People are thinking about that Facebook Users will become potential Reddit Users.
In this case I see would see a big outcome for steemit because people are getting into this kind of social media more easily then just by clicking on the like button with their nice bubble algorithms.

I agree...tme to spread the news...

Elon Musk deleting FB pages for Tesla and SpaceX is a telling sign. I’m not seeing a bright future for FB moving forward. Thanks for the post!

Welcome and more success to you

I agree fb time is up the truth is out there, im deleting my fb account this weekend.

Spreading the word on twitter #joinsteemit


#Deletefacebook #joinSteemit any thing for my dear steemit community is good with me. Since joining Facebook, I didnt gain anything except seeing fake news, gossips , old friends (some are ok but not all lol) ..however in steemit, I make something and grateful. Go Go Go steemians, let us make this happen.

The worst part of facebook for me is that I cannot erase my details off of it completely.

Good point indeed, keep steeming to more success

What else could be even better than u get rewarded from ur Proof of Brain work! Keep steem on ppl!

I agree with you...keep steeming to more success

Yes im with you its time for greedy non profit sharing fb to go. Steemit is sharing the profits with the users, I love the business model.

I deleted fb in 2015 - so I guess that means im an early UN adopter. Who cares about fb? For years it has been exposed they sell your data. Why is the mainstream just now catching up? Screw fb - it's for old people anyways. Btw I like the delete fb and join Steemit twitter idea! That could catch on.

Point and I wish you more success here

Agreed, if I had an account at facebook, I'd delete it

I think Steemit needs to become a bit more "mainstream" or at least find a large niche if we are really going to be able to make money owning it longterm.

Which of course, I think we all want to do.

That said, I think it's time that management was a little more engaged to make this all happen at a better pace.

It would be great if more people on FB would move here, but the platform needs to be more social as well.

Good point, thanks for your comment

We need more advertising!

Point, I agree

I kinda agree... but steemit is more oriented to content creation, and not to post endless pics of babies. It´s always good to bring more people here, but the majority of content that populates facebook is too stupid to qualify as a decent post for steemit.

Agreed, I think they work well for separate reasons. That's why I think that there will always be something like Facebook for sharing family things.


@charles1 great post as always.

Do I think it's time for Facebook to leave, YES.

There was a time I deleted my FB account due to the same things @ronja1 listed but I got back on it and my privacy settings are under lock. I do agree FB adds no value to our lives but also on the flip side if you're a business or a brand, FB's Ad targeting still carries weight.

I do , however, understand that Facebook will always be part of our social media especially those who love sharing their children pictures.

This part cracked me up :))
I'm sure there's room for that on Steepshot with the potential of building a fund for those children :))

Well executed on Elon's part. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Very good comment indeed, keep steeming to more success

The fact that Twitter users are using hashtags to encourage the deletion of Facebook accounts is funny considering they are part of the whole Alphabet/Google group themselves...and it was only a matter of time before Twitter announced their own ban on all things Crypto! I guarentee several other (google strategic partners either ongoing or past) high profile Tech/Finance/Media companies will follow suit in the coming months. Its obvious to me that this is a long term plan to allow Alphabet/Google to face less competition when (not if) they reveal their as yet unannounced blockchain assets. As of late, its been acquiring and investing in startups with digital ledger expertise. Many of these deals haven’t been announced officially but research firm CB Insights reported Alphabet was a leading corporate investor in the field last year, ahead of Bank of America, Citigroup Inc., and Goldman Sachs Group Inc! Except for Japanese company SBI Holdings, CB Insights lists Alphabet as the largest corporate blockchain investor with six investments through its Google Ventures arm. Finally i found this statement from Scott Spencor, FB head of sustainable ads..."We don't have a crystal ball to know where the future is going to go with cryptocurrencies, but we've seen enough consumer harm or potential for consumer harm that it's an area that we want to approach with extreme caution." This was March 14th. I think after reading all of the above this statement says it all! Have a good read of Wikipedia's pages aswell and count the number of lies, contradictions and legal issues...they have been at it from the very start. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google#Criticism_and_controversy

Very good point, thanks for your comment

The most important is the role of steemians in spreading steemit via several modalities. as far as I'm concerned and since my actual registration at steemit it's been almost 3 or 4 months, the number of times I have visited facebook are in total 5 to 6, which means that every individual is attached to a social network and browsing and working on steemit made me forget about facebook as well as other bad habits on the internet (useless sites).

The effort I have provided was helping many friends and cousins join the steemit community by encouraging them to produce quality content and to wait patiently to reap the rewards later.

Very good pot indeed which I analysed in my older posts. I wish you more suceess

i deleted fb 1 year ago hehhe

Hahaha, more success to you here bud

yeah am concentrate on it

It's not Facebook's irresponsible sharing of user data that bothers me as much as how it has become a place for people to brag about their exotic vacations and their kids' academic and athletic achievements. Studies show that Facebook is a big cause of depression, because people see how wonderful other people's lives seem compared to their own, and they are envious.

"Seem" is the key word here because in reality, no one's life is as wonderful as they portray it to be on Facebook. When was the last time you saw someone post, "Ugggh, my daughter got knocked up again but the loser boyfriend?"

Facebook should be called "Fakebook", because that's what it is. It has no bearing on what life is really like for individuals or companies that post there.

Fake news or fake book indeed , good point. As a new members, see my older posts for more tips on how to succeed here. I wish you success

The time of facebook has come to an end. Steemit allows us to earn some money by investing the same time we invest in Facebook. For that reason our little friend Mark is so desperate about the subject of cryptos. Very good post friend, greetings from Venezuela!

Yes, I agree. More success to you

I have done already! Time to get paid for commenting.

Amen...more success to you.

Yes man, totally! Fuck facebook. Great post @charles1. Followed and upvoted.

Welcome and more success to you

Great post @charles1 ! sadly, l can't delete my facebook accounts(yes l have several)due to business,but l do think that it's time to change and iinvest in a media platform that rewards you when you post! #joinsteemit all the way!
l upvoted and resteemed this post, keep up the good work!

Great, Thanks for your comment.

finally there is a portal where freedom of speech is:)

Point, I agree

I think deleting facebook account is not the right path to take, because we have now better social network that can be even bigger, we have to invite more people from facebook into steemit and we can delete it later when steemit will be much bigger.

Yes that is a good strategy...More success to you

crazy how the timing of these things work out . I mean I know steemit has been around for a few years already but its cool to see how the buzz around data privacy has seems to have reached its breaking point now with the facebook breach and the timing is just right for steemit, which has been exploding in recent months to come in and fill that void .

Point, steemit better take this opportunity to gain market share

To me , facebook is a business platform, a place where i can advertise my work and reach out to clients easily. Its more than just a chat , rumour, photo sharing thing. I can reduce my persoanl posts but not delete fb, atleast not for now. Thats one thing facebook does that steemit cannot do.

Good for you, I wish you more success.

Facebook problem with making a virtual world of oneself is akin to the problem with projecting ourselves onto a cyberworld: there’s no end of virtual spaces in which to seek stimulation, but their very endlessness, the perpetual stimulation without satisfaction, becomes imprisoning. So demise facebook and move on steemit.

Point....I agree with you.

steady. I have moved to steemit and I invite my friends to share knowledge in steemit

Good point, more success to you

I think sites like Steemit are the future of websites. Generating money will always be difficult for websites. This model allows the website to generate income without resorting to selling their users data.

Very good point,I agree. Keep steeming to more success

i am agree this post.. i am ready to delete my FB

Hahaha ...actio speaks louder than words isnt it?

briefly bro, I can not delete because I am outside the city. Laptop still at home. I've been told by @haminte yesterday

So I totally agree that Steemit is better than Facebook because it is a lot less prone to cencorship and rewards the users. But since steemit cannot remove posts, what would we do if something like the tide pod challenge got on the "Hot" page? It would obviously be horrible to have stupid teenagers eating tide pods on the front page of steemit. But how would we deal with removing that? The best answer I can think of is just making a community effort.

That is why you can flag or downvote such posts if you dont like them...

But what if people think eating tide pods is funny and they upvote it instead and then some stupid teenager goes into the laundry room, gets a tide pod, and eats it just because he wants likes on his video?

I'm new here, and I see some truth here.

Welcome to steemit, see my older posts for tips to succeed here

Also view my posts and help wid some upvotes please

Totally agree with you. Google and Facebook are their own worst enemy and by banning crypto ads its just another nail in their coffin

I agree. Time for we the people to take fight to them

I just posted about it in Kr tag. And here is my opinion.
More than 80 percentage of analysts in Wall Street strongly believe that FB's stocks will be increasing as time flows. So now we, steemians, have to attract users who are tired of using facebook and in #deletefacebook campaign. But there are several problems

  1. It takes two weeks to get approved from steemit. (After you sign in, you literally have to wait for 2 weeks to be approved and become a member of steemit. ) people do not have that much patience.
  2. People who do not know about block-chain and STEEM will be really hard to adapt in.
  3. If you think about speed, UI, UX, interface, and others. There is nothing better than FB, Insta, and twitter. (People do not even know how to use Markdown.) Only reward is distinctive point, but as a newbie, how much he/she will earn for a day?

Yet, I love Steemit, and I am looking for solutions to these questions that i have. If you have any solution or insights, please share with me. So i can use it in kr steemit.

Thanks for reading this long comment.

You have a very good point indeed..however these issues will be resolved in the upcoming Hfork20...see my older posts for details about it. I wish you success

Thanks, i will leave comments after reading your older posts.

I am an entertainer. Facebook is really helpful in organizing and rallying my fan-base. I would love a platform that's less dirty than FB, that I can connect and interact with my fans. I'm hoping that will be Steemit or some other platform one day. But for now I'm on Facebook to engage fans and promote my work.

You have a good point, I agree. More success to you

I only use Facebook these days for buying things, they have some 'rooms' which are useful to me. I place my Steemit articles on my wall usually to a resonanting silence, people dont like change.

I agree however those who like change and embrace it always succeed in the long run

Had i known this platform earlier, i wouldnt have waste my precious time on facebook

Same here....good point. More success to you.

Amen. And you too

Absolutely! I rarely use Facebook in the last weeks. I am using Steemit to share posts and connecting with friends through whats aap. Steemit gave us already all what we need :)

Good point, I wish you more success

Thank you, same to you :)

great Ads at good timing

There is no doubt that steemit is too good to us but I just can't compare it to some other social media, compare with something i found such a big insult so better we don't insult by comparing, steemit definitely worth our time :)

I agree wth you...point!!

Fackbook is old news and full of grandmas. Smells like hot garbage.


Yes of course and at last I guess I have an articulate man in here with great speech so fascinating. Facebook now to me is nothing to write home about I see more light in here though not earning much yet ......... But I see my future more brighter than the facebook that I joined over two decades with nothing till now ......... Go get them to hear this in full support ...... #deletefacebook #joinsteemit

Very good point and I wish you more success here

Thanks greatly....

100% agreed let me share with you i have already deleted my account. when i joined steemit family i felt that steemit has more attractice then FB.

I request steemit family to re-steem this post as much as you can and drop comments on @charles1 post.

Welcome and more success to you

In a world where farmers can have a steemit side income —-fingers crossed—

Amen to that...I agree

I thought the same. Let´s wait until there are more of my friends on Steemit and then I will delete my fb account. I think Steemit has a great Future in the World of Social Media. #joinSteemit

aww. very true. I already delete facebook.

Good , and am sure that you are enjoying steemit...I wish you more success

damn its true. already do that :)

Good line @charles1

"However we have to let them (facebook) know that we can not be used for ever and that there is a better blogging alternative ( Steemit) that at least shares revenue with their members."

You may have all the details of what facebook has and is doing wrong, because it finally found its way to the public.

We may not know for now, what #steemit may be doing wrong too, but it looks better, their story look better than what we ever had.

Every site, paying you or not, is a borrowed website. None of us own the internet and these things are just for a passing time.

Something else will come tomorrow that is bigger than the internet and we will want that 'next thing' like steemit and dump that 'old thing' like facebook.

All in all, nothing will probably stand forever, but for now, we tightly embrace steemit.

Cheers and thanks for sharing.

Very good point...however most things at least for now, revolve around the internet even blockchain tech...however you never know because anything is possible. Good comment, and more success to you.

That's right @charles1

While we are here, let's make the best out of everything we have.


Actually I still running my Facebook because of my business, because I earn a lot of clients there. I almost don’t use it for personal. I think the future of social media’s is in platforms like Steemit 👍🏼

Point...keep steeming to more success

Give this a read guys source this data war is real.

As I said last week in your post
Facebook is not worth using.
We do not have the advantage of our post.
We just get the junk and the comments that drop from the post that we show.

Point, more success to you

Its really not easy as it looks because people are so connected to Facebook now they cant imagine their day without opening it for single day.. I tried deleting my account but then had to stop myself because I have built a community their, friends, followers and what not which makes hard for me to completely delete it unless we have some other option.. Steem can surely take over the entire Facebook if its designed well and people find how much useful and beneficial it is :) Lets make #steem more strong and let people see the benefit of it

Good point...however we are just using it as a free campaign

I tell my wife all the time all I ever see on Facebook is unoriginal posts that usually are negative.

People will increasingly move to decentralization over time. That's a fact, however I don't think Steemit is ready for a user base as big as facebook's YET. Before that happens there needs to be more infrastructure and Steemit, Dtube, Dlive, etc need to evolve into something more appealing to the general public. Maybe by combining some of those services.

Good point, however those services work hand in hand in steem blockchain

Yeasumm!! The world need to get with Steemit bout to. Blow up!

I agree, keep steeming

it wouldn't be a great pity if FB took a severe blow from this, for practices like pulling of the data others store about you (like contact lists from the phone) etc. But in reality i guess this will fade away and things run as usual, after all everyone is on Facebook, and Steem in it's current shape is by far to clunky for the average Joe.

Good point however we can just use the opportunity for free campaign for steemit

of course! Raising awareness is important!

Steemit and Facebook don't really compete.
This is more of a blogging platform than Facebook and tbh that was never really that great when used for that.

Steemit is more of a competitor and alternative to Medium if anything.

Leaving one platform for another won't solve the problem.
What we need is to edubcate users as to what data they are sharing and to hold those responsible accountable for handling that data responsibly.

There are still questions to be asked about the use of blockchain here.
With all of the right to be forgotten and new GDPR rules coming in it stands at odds with having a permanent record online.

Good point , I agree. However the point is to use the opportunity for free campaign ..hahaha

I was reluctant to move to Facebook, I use it sparingly. I'm on Steemit more and love the interaction. Trolls don't last too long on this platform.

I agree. Thanks for your comment

The only thing that i use facebook for is to see when someones birthday is comming up

Good point....

Their stock is at all time low and there's a hoping it's gonna plummet even more due to FTC probe!

Yes , I read about it...karma in action

let the site work for you I don't have the app but when I need a old pic illl just get it. but steemit is growing also DTUBE. nice post

Posting to my Twitter and Facebook!

Great, more success to you

We can't afford to do away with Facebook now. Let's create the steemit and awareness through them. If they're against advertisements. They can't block and chatting with my friends on their platform and I have being doing that.

Good point however they can block your account...

Did you just say block. That will even be better, then I will go all full in my campaign. Waiting for that anyway.

I think that a great internet revolution is coming and soon whales like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will have a serious problem with growing competition, which has many more advantages than disadvantages.

Very good point, I agree. Thanks for your comment

facebook is open to everyone....Steem is closed for it community..i don't think Steem can take over it. unless changing this stupid rule

HFork 20 will open the flood gates....it is coming this year. See my older posts for more details

Only joined Facebook years ago to keep in touch with extended family while I moved out of state of US I was born in. Spend my TIME far, far. away from that evil site!

Lol.....keep steeming to more success bro...also see my older posts for tips on how to succeed here

For Facebook, it's the case of an organization growing too big to care. They have become so arrogant.

I agree. Very arrogant and greedy

steemit is the way forward mate

I'm still waiting for enhancements to Dtube, no idea why it gets stuck many times while playing new videos, my old videos don't work at all, luckily I had a backup on BitChute.

Once this and other glitches are fixed, definitely will be more here and less there and pushing my friends and followers as well.

Btw, one of the things I'm still trying to figure out is the payment system here and why since a month now the rewards shrunk to almost nil.

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Desde que el hashtag #deletefacebook se hiciese viral en Twitter, muchas son las compañías que han decidido cerrar sus páginas en la red social más grande del mundo. En este caso, el multimillonario Elon Musk ha decidido eliminar las páginas de Tesla y SpaceX, dos de las compañías más importantes que están bajo su control.

Pues si, hace mucho tiempo que deberiamos buscar otra alternativa que no sea darle mas dinero a facebook, a demas sus precios de publicidad son muy elevados en relacion al mercado de publicidad!!!!

Yoe ka hna so meen lee fb bang,
Habeh paket2 teuh hna mepue pih
Salam kenal bang

Thanks for sharing, I've smashed the upvote button for you!

It's an interesting idea, but right now Steemit and Facebook are used in different ways, I use my Facebook to keep up to date with my friends and what they are up to, not to blog or promote interesting articles.

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I strongly agree, it's time FACEBOOK IN DELETED because now is not NEUTRAL and BIJAK as a social media.

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I agree sir ......steemit is the best platform to earn

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Time 2 facebort!

estoy muy de acuerdo con este articulo, se supone que nosotros somos los que decidimos quienes pueden ver nuestras publicaciones e informacion, no a FACEBOOK y si a STEEMIT

Great info. Thx.

This is what steemit means to me.
Steemit is more of information sharing. Information that can be of help to one's life. Facebook on the other hand is sometimes being abused that people use it to spread fake news/information.

Time will show what is better.

Can you elaborate?

Its high time for people to realize facebook is using them, and I wonder when they will quit for good.