Steemit Community Awareness Message #2 - What is a Targeted Individual or TI?

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This message is to bring into clear and present focus what some people are unfortunately completely oblivious to. A targeted individual is an umbrella term for someone who is targeted for a variety of reasons, but are mainly put into a targeting program by a government sponsored or community agency and then systematically terrorized.

There are also a plethora of terms that is associated with a targeted individual and phenomena that is associated with being a targeted individual. Each targeted individual have their own experiences that make for each case different or unique however, one thing that they do have in common is the harassment or stalking that is one of the main giveaways to the targeted individual that they are being targeted.

Cause or gang stalking is one of the main occurrences in a targeted individuals life. Also known as community-based stalking, it involves a group or gang of people who target, harass, surveillance and follow to make the targeted individuals life difficult by making them look crazy. The perpetrator is the person or people who do the targeting and are most often the family members of the targeted individuals however, there are other people that are placed within the targets life to get closer to find out their fears and deepest secrets.

This may all sound very crazy but I can assure you that this is a very real program and there are tens of thousands of people who can attest to this information,. Many of the testimonies that I found were credible, although there are shills that post testimonies to spread dis-information and to also make the real targeted individuals look crazy or paranoid.

What we need to do as a community is to listen to those who are experiencing this and also to keep an eye out. Once we are aware of something, it is much easier to pick up on things such as this which, is my purpose for doing community awareness messages in the first place.

Yes, there are some of those that are paranoid but over 100, 000 people all over the world who experience the very same things, I highly doubt it. It is time for us to stop accusing others of being crazy and to think that something like this would be unheard of is actually called gaslighting, which was my first community awareness message!
This man died as a result of his stalking*

Don't get me wrong here, there are other things that targeted individuals have done to them that are not fully explained here. This subject is vast and has a lot of components to it, this awareness message is to hopefully get those who are unaware of this program to critically think and hopefully do their own digging. There are a ton of videos on YouTube that explain what it is and trust me the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this!

This video below shows how easy it is to get people to go along with the targeting:


The last video was interesting. The first video seems dilusional. If it's electromagnetic then scientific evidence could be found. The government has tested on people before so who knows... conspiracy theories are fun even if they are fiction.

Very True! It is definitely not delusional, I thought that at first but I am telling you, it actually happens, there are too many people complaining about the same thing for it to be delusional in my eyes, but yeah I love conspiracy topics, they can make a person think twice :-)

Agrumentum ad populum (I hope I spelled that correctly.). The logically fallacy that if many people believe it, it must be true. Please don't find me rude. I spend a lot of time challenging my beliefs so I will continue to look for reliable evidence before deciding on this topic. Thank you for your post. It was a theory I had never heard before and I am always open to new ideas. 🤓 What we need here is proof. Where can you buy this brain scrambling technology? We can get this thing and test it. I'm googling to find it. I think I need better search terms. "Buy brain scrambling technology" isn't getting the right hits yet. I'm not even joking. I googled that. 🤓 Now I'm laughing st myself for doing that!

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