The Launch of Notion All-In-One Workspace Community

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Who else here loves Notion ???

I have been a huge fan since the moment I started playing around with it 3 months ago. Now I have two businesses running almost entirely on it.

This is why I launch the Notion Made Simple community on Steem. Join us to find other people like-minded people.


Notion is notes on steroids.

Could never make Evernote work for about you?

I don't like everything buckets, unless they have a solid search feature. For personal notes I still use nvAlt (a fork of Notational Velocity) and simplenote (because both can sync).

For anything team related or fast external-facing Notion app is, and was from its earliest days, one of the best apps available. Wiki, FAQ, even minor databases... And don't need to explain anyone HTML or Markdown.

Awesomely built, solid collab features, and great publishing features. Makes Evernote look like trash (it always was lol).

Notion is crazy cool, I love using it. You can do everything from notes to wikis to roadmaps to even make blogs / sites from it!

I'll for sure join this community :^)

awesome. Can't wait to start seeing people sharing their dashboard

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