[Witness Supported FUNDRAISER] - PAYOUT To The Minnow School

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Give Money

It is time to conclude my Fundraiser campaign for The Minnow School. If you missed the announcement post and wonder what this is all about, please have a look here.

The timing for the campaign, in the middle of a big bear market, could probably have been better. It always turns out to be less activity when there is a drop in the STEEM price.

Despite the low activity I would like to thank everyone who reached out and supported this fundraiser.

Conclusion and Payout

The fundraiser post reached a value of $6.37. Could probably have wished for more, but hey, I'm not here to complain. I'm sure The Minnow School will be happy for all the contributions.

Instead of taking away the full curation reward and calculating the 50% SP part, I have decided to give 6 SBD.

I donated 10 SBD myself and I received an awesome 5 SBD donation from @lynncoyle1.
Thank you Lynn!!

That makes the total payout 21 SBD
Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 19.30.55.png

You want to help out?

If you missed this Fundraiser and you feel you want to help out. Most of the activities part of The Minnow School is currently posted under the founder's name, @bait002. So please reach out to him and transfer funds with a clear memo mentioning your donation.

In the future, updates will be posted on the new official account, called the @theminnowschool. So please follow that if you are interested in future updates.

My work as a STEEM witness

This fundraiser was part of my witness initiative to help Minnows succeed on the STEEM blockchain. The Minnow School activities, mentoring minnows and helping them take the first steps with their Steemit blog, fits well with my vision.

Please consider voting me as a Witness.

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You are most welcome @danielsaori; I'm glad it worked out not bad in the end. I've noticed a lot less traffic around lately, but you're right, we're not here to complain. 21 sbd is a nice contribution and I'm happy to have been able to help out a bit :)

I guess it is a natural thing, in a way, that people lose the motivation to post and comment. But those who remain the steam will surely be among the future steem winners. 😜

excellent observation @danielsaori that can only be spoken from experience 😜

100 % upvoted

Hi @dj123 Did you transfer 1 Steem to @brixtongg on purpose?

I was wondering if he hacked your account?

You might want to change your password.

( Tag: @ned )


none of the accounts you were inferring got hacked, if you stick around long enough on Steemit, you'll see that hackers are super anonymous, they don't bother sending memo, and they don't do test send, once they have access, they will take away all the funds immidiately

check out @comedyopenmic, they give out 200 SBD of prizes every week, if you're a good writer, this is a great way to plug into a community, earn some nice upvotes, SBD, Steem, prizes, new followers, and some glory won't hurt either

welcome to steemit, good luck!

Thank you @dj123 I really appreciate your advice and you're right.. I'm new here. But I want to stick around and produce some good content. I will visit the profile you mentioned to take a look. Thanks again!

Even if the timing was slightly off due to the dropping crypto markets, it was still a really nice thing to do! You're a great example of why I like supporting community oriented witnesses!


@danielsaori I have chosen you as a witness

Awesome! Thank you for your support.