GK's Ambition to Become a Great Steemit Curator

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Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to reach out to my followers and touch base. Last week I made a post regarding how I was giving back in thanks for becoming a OCD Curator under @acidyo. It's unlikely that OCD will be moving forward as planned, yet I am optimistic.
Edit: OCD is moving forward as planned ~

My goal as an OCD Curator is to support you guys, my talented friends on steemit.

That goal remains!

I want to meet people, and talk about their passions. I want to encourage people to express themselves and grow Steemit's global community. If your goals are similar, upvote and resteem this.

Follow me, Lets achieve our goals together!


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If you're a curator too, leave a couple sentences below about your favorite topics!

Thanks for the resteem, Chet!

What happened to the OCD?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and positive reinforcement cured it :P

Lol , you little comedian you xd

It's called, "Yeah and..." it's how I live my life :P

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