🐳 WHALESHARES: Share the Community Love 💖 Challenge [Whaleshare Prizes Inside]

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The Share the Community Love challenge is intended to promote all things BeyondBitcoin related, and other projects that we are passionate about. This post should promote the various Discords, and Telegrams that are listed below. Also to be included the @officialfuzzy steemit account and @Beyond_Bitcoin twitter account. Entries should also include a brief intro introducing the audience to BeyondBitcoin and, the communities ( Whaleshares and EOSTalk) it includes.

Links to be included in the post:

📜 The Rules!

1) Entries MUST Promote ALL the Discords, Telegram groups and the provided twitter account listed.

2) Entries MUST also include a brief intro introducing the audience to BeyondBitcoin and the communities ( Whaleshares and EOSTalk) it includes.

3) Entries MUST use community and whaleshares as the first tags.

4) Entrants MUST Upvote AND ReSteem This Post
(afterall, this is a community-building challenge)

5) Create a post with your entry, then reply below with a link to your your post, you can put your images too, and BTS/OL account name in the comments.

🏆 Challenge Rewards

Everyone's a Winner!!

You will need a Bitshares/OpenLedger account to receive any rewards.

ALL entries that meet the challenge requirements, will receive a flat reward of 25 WHALESHAREs.

What are Beyondbits and Whaleshares?

Beyondbits and Whaleshares started as a conversations in the BeyondBitcoin hangout series shortly after Steem was launched historically in those very hangouts. It began as "community tokens" or "tag coins". These cross-chain tokens give their holders the power to Summon a Whalevote to posts without having to pay for attention. And they are only given to people who Win Contests and do other things of value to the community!

BeyondBit and Whaleshares tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares/OpenLedger account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steem posts!

Join the Whaleshares Community

Please join in the discussions with us by becoming a member of the Whaleshares community. We have a wealth of knowledge, information, and fun, friendly people waiting to greet you.

Whaleshares Discord
Steemit community discussions, contests and events.



Thanks for creating this contest. I decided to write a post describing a little of my steemit journey until now. It seems to fit with your promotion, hope you like it. https://steemit.com/community/@dreamingirwin/a-wonderful-journey-amazing-communities-and-exciting-projects

this time i would like to take part sir @officialfuzzy

Interesting! I need to get to discord as soon as possible. Nice post.

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..
I will still wait for your next post....

This is luvly i admire how u helping the community grow its wonderful pls keep it up.woulsd love to take part @officialfuzzy

This is luvly i admire how u helping the community grow its wonderful pls keep it up.woulsd love to take part @officialfuzzy

Wow thanks for this contest, although have not heard of the whalesshare before I will try to participate

Thanks @officialfuzzy

This post is very nice congratulations my friend blessings!

Knowledge is wealth.yes, it.

@officialfuzzy I need to reread the rules this seem interesting but can't decipher what exactly to do to contribute

officialfuzzy, you came out of nowhere and you are killing it in Steem with stunning content. This truly shows that when one is dedicated success does not take long to follow.

officialfuzzy is a straight shooter and I am glad to see that he continues to give solid advice.

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