What I can offer as a Steemit Witness with @Steemcommunity (Already in the top 100)

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Over the last few weeks I have been busy setting up a witness server, hence being quiet on the posting side.  Man did it come at a bad time, with the prices of STEEM down the last thing I wanted was to be less active on the block.

But all for a good cause because I am delighted to say @abh12345 and myself have launched a witness server and have already cracked the top 100.  Our witness account is @steemcommunity

Thank you everyone for your votes and your support. If you missed our witness announcement you can read it here   https://steemit.com/witness-category/@steemcommunity/introducing-steemcommunity-a-witness-project-by-abh12345-and-paulag

The last ten months on Steemit has been such a fantastic journey and learning curve for me.  I have met the most awesome people and gained friends for life.  I came to Steemit knowing nothing about blockchain and crypto currency and now I have partnered with another awesome steemit to host a witness server and support the blockchain and the steemit community

I’m not going pretend to know much about the technical side.  Running and setting up nodes is new to me and this is where I have the most learning to do.  It is a very important role of a witness, to ensure they can provide a server that does not miss blocks.  Many witnesses have server admin skills and developer skills and as I do not, this may be off putting for some of the established witnesses on Steemit.  However I am a fast learner and hungry for information.

So if I cannot bring developer skills to Steemit, what can I offer as a witness?  Well I am going to go on a little self-indulgence for a few minutes and give you a summary of my resume.

I am a CPA accountant and have worked across many industries and company sizes.  Most notably I was promoted from Group Accountant to Senior Internal Auditor for a privately owned Irish company that builds Power Stations around the globe.  This company was listed in Ireland’s top 10 private companies.  Prior to this I was operations manager and Financial Controller of a medium size construction company.

With the birth of my son in 2007 and being left as a single mum soon after, balancing work became rather difficult.  So in 2008 I began my career as an online entrepreneur with the aim of working around my son and his needs. In 2010  I launched my first website and online business http://theexcelclub.com/ providing online Excel training to accountants.

This change in career was a giant learning curve.  Although I had the skills to teach Excel, I knew nothing about building a website or a learning management system.  I knew nothing about video production, course creation or instructional design.  I knew nothing about blogging and social media. But over time, I grew my online following and my online business and can now boast over 40K students across 179 counties. I am a best-selling Udemy Instructor and many platforms sell my content.

( you can check out my Udemy profile here https://www.udemy.com/user/paulaguilfoyle/ )

What I learned over the last number of years working online is that without community, the online world amounts to not very much.  If you want to be successful online you must be part of a community.  I have grown and fostered many relationships in an Excel and BI community that I formed for those wanting to learn.  And by giving to this community, sharing information and knowledge I gained the trust of thousands, enough that they are willing to spend their money on my courses.

Steemit is no different. Steemit needs community leaders and influencers. People need to grow their followings and this takes time.  It’s taken me the best part of 10 years to learn how to do this well and effectively.  And really that’s what many of the people on steemit need. Communities and Community leaders.  If I can share my knowledge, people won’t have to make the same mistakes I made and hopefully build their online empire fast then I did. It took me a long time working online before I became financial stable.  Yet I meet people every day that come to Steemit thinking they will become financial stable here very fast.  

Did you hear about the blogger that worked night and day for ten years.  One day his blog got picked up by a major influencer and then overnight he became an instant success.  
There is really no such thing as an overnight success, just consistency and hard work!

Although I said Steemit is not different, I mean that in terms of growing a following and becoming an influencer. But the reality is Steemit is very different. There is no other platform out there really like Steemit. I was fortunate to have skills to analyse the data and so I could learn very quickly what was going on and who is who.  

This coupled with the business and finance sense, I believe I have a lot to offer Steemit as a witness. I want to help communities grow.  I want to aid community leaders grow and forester their communities. I want to offer training to the minnows and continue to grow as Steemit grows.  I have so many plans and the witness server is only the start.

But I’m not doing this alone. On the team is also @abh12345.  If you don’t know @abh12345 you really need to head over to his profile and check him out.  He is on Steemit since 2016 and also brings with him a wealth of experience and skills.  His support and guidance for Steemit curators is second to none.  After all, Steemit is not just about authors, curators have a significant role to play here too.

Neither @abh12345 or I are on Steemit to run bidbot businesses or rent SP.  We understand why these services are here and why people use them. But we do not believe it is the only way forward and hope to lead the way to a better community driven Steemit.  We believe in awesome content, awesome curators and awesome communities.

So to finish up on this post, I would like to say some thanks.  The only thing is if I start naming people, I will end up in trouble for forgetting someone.  So instead I would like to thank each and every one of you because it is down to the community that we have set up this witness server.

Happy Steeming Everyone

How to Vote for @steemcommunity as a witness


This is very interesting to me. I don’t have the tech skills to bring to the table, but I have other skills I could possibly help with. I would like to meet up with some people who need other skills or talents to help grow their community. I think you’re on the right track and it’s very encouraging to see this type of pairing! Thanks for the post!

lack of technical skills should not be a barrier, although running the servers is critical for steemit

@paulag you guys definitely have my witness vote. Thanks for all the work you and @abh12345 do ! All the best!

thank you so much

Y'all got my vote! Thanks for being pillars of the community!
Keep On Steemin On My Friends!

hay @castleberry - thanks for your vote and support

Thanks @paulag for all you have already been doing for the community! I applaud you and your MATHS! hahah =) You got the facts from Taraz's post nailed down as best you could pretty quick. I have seen your posts before and they are a treasure trove of data for those with eyes to see! I wish y'all all the best in this endeavor!

For newbies it would be helpful to note the URL for Witness voting:


(Or click on the horizontal triple-bars in the upper right for the pop-out menu.)

Also, voting for a proxy will clear any manual votes you've entered. So do one or the other.

Thanks for sharing the link @talltim - i will update the post :-)

Got my vote.

thank you

this is very interesting, I congratulate and succeed for all the things you do. hopefully you can succeed because it is appropriate for you because the business is really sunguh.

I have not really understood but I am also studying and continuing to work with the community.

It takes time to understand, thank you for your support

Okay you have my interest @paulag. I would need more time to look into this. I am kind if new here that's why need time.
Also for other people URL for witness voting is given by @talltim in comments section.

You sound like the dream team. You have my vote.

I believe you and Asher are going to make a difference, I know Asher has for me already, I would give you my proxy vote, but I already gave it to Asher. Thank you for helping support the smaller individuals on steemit.

:-) we all have to start somewhere and for most of us it is as smaller individuals

You are having my vote. The easiest witness vote I ever gave!

haha glad we made it an easy decision

What is a social media platform without interaction? Nothing! So I do fully support a witness who find this also important! I wrote Asher a time back that I would support him as a witness without knowing that you all were working in the background on such a project

Wowo...congrats my friend @paulag, you deserve to it, after your long journey on this platform. hard work and commitment will bring success. yes friendship is far more important to build this community stronger. we also do it here. once again, thank you very much. I am happy to be a friend of you


:-) don't forget awesome content, as this is what communities must seek out and reward

Thank you for your support

I think I understand why you made it so quickly into the top100. I really need to change my votes and will give you mine.

You can cast up to 30 votes! Just make sure @steemcommunity has one :)

I enjoyed reading the background, as it helps greatly in being able to visualise what this witness offering can do. I voted after yesterday's launch post, but it is good to know even more about what the team's vision is for Steemit.

I, too, have been a single parent (for quite some time) so understand the juggling you must have had to do, and the determination to build such a career as you have had - and I definitely applaud it!

Looking forward to regular updates on how the witness team is going. :)

hay @ravenruis, sending you a big high five because only single parent really get how difficult the juggling is. Thank you for your support

This is a good start! I'm glad to know. Congratulations!

I am deeply moved by the achievements you have, your career is very good and growing very well, you are one of the many people who have good luck in business, and supported by your belief and intelligence in the science of ekomoni, congratulations on your success,

I put a lot of it down to positive attitued - can do, will do :-)

good luck always with you, health number one.

You rock @paulag and I already voted :) I am so happy you and Asher are teaming up on this. Much love - Carl

ah @carlgnash the sql rock star. Do you know i still revert to your curate like a boss posts for SQL reference. Thank you for your vote

imagefollow me and upvote a lot for me, I appreciate your upvote @wisa6211.

It is things like this that always make me excited about Steemit. You two understand it’s about community and empowering the people in that community to build around them the kind of Steemit you want to enjoy being part of.

Far too many people just sell their stake in the place to highest bidder then wonder why things went so wrong. When you give up your voice in such an ecosystem it should not be any shock when things go one way instead of another.

I look forward to seeing more people get behind this in witness votes and other ways. The kind of impact this is going have will be both mind blowing and jaw dropping.

I think everyone wants steemit to succeed, even those that are selling their stake. The problem is how narrow minded some are.

hy @paulang this is very interesting to me. you have my vote

wow I have read a little of your life and I identify a lot with you, I am a single mother and since then I have thought a lot about changing my life and working at home with my little son, see what you achieved is a great motivation for me, I must tell you that I started to follow you today because I found out that along with @abh12345 are doing a great job with a project of witnesses without bot! I love the idea and from now on you can count on my support, although I am Spanish speaking, I hope to learn a lot from you and I know that I can count on your support to our community, successes.
Excuse my English, the translator's helping me.

I so wish I could speak spanish. One day I hope to move to Spain especially days like today when its just not going to stop raining :0(

Thank you for your vote

I am at your service to teach you :)

Are STEEM Witnesses paid money for running Steem Blockchain servers?

STEEM witnesses produce blocks, which is payment however many witnesses do not break even on the cost for a number of months

Like Bitcoin Mining? I've heard it takes 3-12 months, or longer, maybe, to break even, for Bitcoin Miners, due to the cost of electricity and everything on average I guess. I know STEEM has a different blockchain system than Bitcoin but I like to compare things even if they are not similar.

This was a no brainer and I have casted my vote and asked nicely people and communities that I support if they have a free witness vote to give one to @steemcommunity.

I have seen the important of community and engagement and I know you and Asher's commitment to this platform.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvote this reply.

Good post, Success for you and keep Steem On :)

I loved reading this story of your what you've been up to so far @paulag. I only came across you recently as a sponsor to @abh12345's commenting leagues. I am one of the fortunate 20 delegatees and thank you both for supporting me in that position.

The Steemit journey has been very up and down for me. Too many expectations, too much time spent mindlessly at the computer screen and recently, when I've got closest to walking away or starting self-voting again Asher has magicked up a delegation and inadvertently kept me in the game, 😁

I'm still trying to work out what my place here is. I feel torn between the "good" guys and those that are strategically making money. I feel I have a foot in both camps and have not yet found a way to be at peace with both. 😍

Commenting works well for me because usually I prefer to respond rather than start a conversation. However, winning the League a few weeks ago led me down a competitive path for a couple of days but it was no longer fun so, since then I have tried to spend less time here.

I was very surprised to still be in the top ten last week considering there were days when I was only on once for ten minutes or so.

Anyway, I'm rabbiting on a bit . . . It was good to hear some of your background and I'm very excited at the prospect of you and Asher working together as witnesses. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create and, in the meantime, I will keep commenting on and building relationships and see where I go.

Congratulations on making the top one hundred so fast. I think it is a perfect expression of how much respect you and Asher have in the community and how much people want what you are offering.

I hope it's a fun and fulfilling journey for you both! 😍

After checking out your profile, I'm glad that I vote @steemitcommunity as a witness.

This is great. Congratulations and well done for another step forward.

You and @@@abh12345 have been highly recommended by @simplymike and @lynncoyle1

Gladly i still have well over 25 slots. I am voting you two.

Hooray! I was so thrilled when I saw the "announcement" post and am now glad to know more about you @paulag. My original thought was if Asher teamed up with you, then that was all the information I really needed to know ;), but none-the-less, I'm pleased to see how qualified you are and how the ideas of community and time invested in steemit is so important to you. I have been telling anyone who will listen about @steemcommunity and will continue to do so. It's amazing that you guys already broke the top 100! Congratulations ;)

Good to see you fulfill your witness ambitions so quickly. My best wishes for you for climbing up in top-20 ranks!

I'd certainly vote for you in some time.

I'd have done it straight away if you had posted a steemconnect link for it. But don't worry, I'll remember to do that anyway 😊

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