How does one join SaysThankYou? + 6 New Member Thank you Post!

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Please, welcome our latest 6 members! I'm going to commerate this moment with a quick verse.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.
Upvotes, upvotes going ALL AROUND!

No, I'm not trying to rick-roll you but if you're feeling adventurous, click this link


To be added, drop a full upvote on any of our active posts.

As always, thank you!


Thank you @twodragon for your vote! You are our newest member! Upvotes on us this round. :)

Hi! @saysthankyou! Just as my name implies, I say "You're Welcome" to unrequited thank you comments. So, even if they didn't respond for whatever reason, I wanted to say you're welcome. This comment was identified using a SteemData MongoDb query. :)